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    Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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    Oh my! That's insane! Plus it makes no sense.

    Might I suggest you go to the Newport News catalog swimshop and look at the Fx collection. I've had great luck with those suits and they're cheap if you get them from the sale page. I buy several at a time and you'd probably still spend less than that halfkini you bought.

    Linkie here:


    First, I have to thank you for introducing me to hyperboleandahalf back whenever you did, as it has been a wonderfully bright spot for me.

    Yep, definitely for the Wednesday. It's November, so I don't think we're supposed to use FOAD Thursday, otherwise, it would work for that, too.

    Seanna Lea

    I am pretty sure that the tankini I have from Macy's (from 4+ years ago) was a two piece, but unfortunately all of the one's I have seen in the Title 9 catalog are 2 separate pieces that you pay for separately. I'm not in love with that pricing model at all.


    That's ridiculous. L.L. Bean sells many of their swimsuits as separates but they are very clear about it.


    I'll bet it's a test of their customer service department - they're trying to piss off as many customers as possible and then watching how the CS reps handle the calls.
    It's the only explanation that makes sense...


    Whoa, she should know better than to mess with The Norma!
    I would definitely assume I was getting the bottom.


    Well, it is ridiculous, but more importantly, SO disappointing. You anxiously await the suit, then NO SUIT! I hate it when that happens. Hope you still find the perfect suit, and have a wonderful vacation.


    Go Norma Go. Ridiculous. Hope your vacation is fabulous though!


    While I do agree that they should explicitly state that the page is only for the top, well...

    I went to the page you linked to, and in all fairness, at the left side of the page? The category is clearly "separates". I'm sorry to be the bitch to point this out. :-( It's the sort of thing I would not have noticed had I not been looking for it. Which does go back to the point that they should be beating you over the head with the fact that you are only buying the top, and the picture should be labeled "shown with blah blah blah bottoms".



    I am forever on the search for a tankini with a long torso. And with straps so I can wear an old bra under it... I've tried those from Athleta that are long torso DD cups, but they're no DD's I've ever seen... maybe they'd cover a B.

    But at least they had bottoms.



    Ack! Hope they fix this properly. Their web site in no way makes it clear you're getting just a top.


    Looks like someone in marketing woke-up on the stupid side of the bed when they came up with this idea...not the best way to get a bunch of happy customers, people!


    Well, kudos to you for even shopping on line for swimwear. Last time I shopped for same, I was in and out of the dressing room a million times... and ended up returning everything unworn. Bleh. I hope you have some fun in the sun... topless, bottomless, in the nude, whatever floats your boat, hon.


    Classic. Having shopped for a tropical vacation myself, I find that it is typical to see that kind of outrageous price and totally inadequate written description of the product. Makes you have to go to the mall which totally defeats the point of catalog shopping!!!

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Their copy is ABSOLUTELY misleading. If it were me, I'd have to send it back because I'd be so mad I wouldn't want the bad karma of wearing it, lovely though the top may be. Also, calling breasts "the girls" is really juvenile---that alone would put me off. (But I grew up in a house where we used anatomically correct terms because my mom was a nurse.)


    WTF, indeed. Crazy.


    Eep! Hope you find a swimsuit solution before heading out on your well-deserved vacation!!

    Lynn in VA

    I HATE SPANX! Everything about them. Especially the coy copy. And the skinny models who do not need to wear spanx. If they were at all honest they would show a model with a roll of fat bulging out at the waist where the elastic ends.

    But never mind. I wanted to tell you that every damn time I have bought a swimsuit before going on a tropical vacation I have kicked myself because all of the resort shops are filled with really cute suits, at the same prices as the mall at home. So unless you're going on one of those rustic vacations with no cute shops, just take whatever old thing you have already and buy a new one there.

    And we're all dying to know where you're going!

    elizabeth a airhart

    i live zone 9 florida forget the spandex

    i agree with lynn in va

    good night lucy

    Lisa R

    To be fair, while it doesn't specify that the bottoms are separate, neither does it specify that they are included. Buy top and bottom swimwear separately is actually rather typical, in my experience.

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