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    Thursday, November 18, 2010


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    The Umbrella/Singing In The Rain mashup is posted at the GleeOnFox YouTube channel! I went there to watch it when Hulu coughed up a hairball.


    Get back to the sweater-knitting that you love, and don't look back at the plarn that hurts. Sorry that one did not work out for you.


    The peacefleece is knitting up beautifully! and I don't knit so much with cotton anymore since knitting that hurts too much (if only I had that problem with cashmere, drat!). Anyhoo, I love glee! I'm keeping the entire season on my dvr until I can get the dvd's (last year's safety dance was my favorite!). And, even if you don't like country music, look for Gwyneth's performance at the Country Music Awards...she looked nervous but sounded great!


    Gwyneth did hit it out of the park didn't she? Fun episode. I'm headed to NYC to see Promises Promises on 12/4 after a long dry spell. I'll let you know!


    Didn't think the bag idea would last. It's just looks hard on the hands and arms. Love David's sweater. The Peace Fleece Sport looks to be the way to go.


    weeps pitifully.. still waiting for this series in UK.. dammit... Bones we get the same week.. Stargate we get the same week but not GLEE... waaaaahhhh thanks for the glimpse...

    Seanna Lea

    Goodness. I don't think I ever thought about training Victor to pee and poop on command, though that might be the most useful thing I ever managed to teach him for our walks (2 miles isn't bad right now, but it was abyssmal in January).


    I'm glad you posted that plarn pic, because it is a really cool idea, but actually sitting down and doing it didn't appeal to me. Ah, well, so many ideas, so little time.


    I thought Gwyneth looked healthy and vital--which is a nice change from pasty and scrawny.

    Elisa Campbell

    Instead of crocheting your plarn tote, try knitting it. There are some really interesting stitches in the new Knitting Brioche book that would look AWESOME with your green yarn and plastic. And one of the nice things about knitting it, it will take a lot less yarn and plastic bags - so less cutting :)
    Thanks for posting the Glee video, it was great.


    Now tell me what you really think. ;^)


    Bigger hook.

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