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    Monday, November 08, 2010


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    Seanna Lea

    I completely understand how you feel. It might not be campaigning, but when I got done Sweeney Todd in August I looked around and it was like a whole lot of nothing had been done in every facet of my live except the music. It was like starting all of the cleaning and everything else over from the beginning.

    Now I'm doing nanowrimo, which is pretty much the same thing. An exercise in seeing how much of your life you can sink into a single activity to the detriment to all other facets of your life.


    Welcome back!


    Yup Fall is gone! *sniff* Love your yarn bowl and the texture of your scarf.


    So glad that you are back blogging. I missed hearing from you every morning!


    That yarn bowl is soooo beautiful. And I love Mr J posing so pretty next to it. (I won't tell him that he obviously wasn't the focal point of the picture...)
    Our garden is a disaster - what with Madman's hobbling and my job working me to exhaustion, nothing is getting done out there.


    I have a skein of Elaine that I've been looking at all weekend wondering: how do I knit this??? Now, I know... garter stitch scarf. Huh. I wonder if there is an option #2, b/c this Elaine is not red enough for the red scarf.


    Welcome back! God that Mr. J is cute!


    Ahhhh, Norma's back! Love the idea of personal second/third responders :^) and love that red scarf! I bet Mr.J is more than glad for the campaign to be over. In our neck of the woods the pinoaks keep their leaves until Spring, shedding the old when the new green sprouts.


    Will Mr J start up his Tuesday blog again? I hope so...he is so clever! ;)


    Mr. Jeffries is so adorable in his gray sweater!

    I'm glad you're just getting to your garlic as I only just planted mine on Saturday. Now I'm hoping the rain doesn't drown it.

    Amen to second and third responders~!


    Mr J, tomorrow is Tuesday. Just thought I'd point that out.
    Love the scarf. Love the bowl. Love that you're back!

    CaroleP (ohio)

    Glad you're getting back to "normal" and blogging. Love your blog. Congrats to you and especially David.
    Happy to see Mr J - I've really missed him, too. Need some more pics.
    Love that bowl - would you mind sending the website?
    Enjoy your week!


    It seems like I missed it too, and I wasn't even campaigning. I am so glad David won! In one small part of the country reality and common sense prevailed.

    The Pine Street Inn Knit-a-Thon was yesterday, and you know what that means: I can finally devote my full attention to my other favorite knitting charity, Red Scarf, of course. Only I can't find the red yarn I bought last summer for this very purpose, which is annoying the daylights out of me. Time to visit the yarn store again. It's a dirty, thankless job, but someone has to do it.


    Norma, where do you buy Peace Fleece? I've never seen it in person so I'm dying to order some!


    Congratulations, dear friend (and to David, too)!! Fall has exited our environs as of today. Winter has's snowing! We going to miss our garden something fierce, but we still have the chickens. You're back to knitting! I need to think in that direction too.
    xoxoxox (the extra for Mr. J)


    Delurking to say yay!! Glad to have you back. Your a nice addition to morning coffee, you know.

    Also, is your RSS feed working?

    Thanks for re-joining the web!

    elizabeth a airhart

    margene has lovely sunset pictures go visit

    your bowl has a very zen look to it

    nice to have you back woofs to jeffries

    Joan in Reno

    Glad you got your "l" back. Yep, fall is over. Margene is getting the snow we had.


    So glad you're back!!

    Lori in MI

    Welcome back've been missed!

    Red scarf

    Glad to see you again with this beautifull red scarf. Hope you enjoy the fall next time. Your photographing was amazing and it looks bright in morning light. Have a great day.

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