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    Sunday, October 10, 2010


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    As busy and distracted as you are, that looks like the perfect pattern to be working. Keeping the fingers occupied while not straining the brain - that's a good stress reliever.


    I have a couple of those skeins in purple from 3 Rhinebecks ago. I need to find it in my stash.


    What a classy scarf you're making! Mine is currently suffering from "Where the @$%^& is the rest of this yarn?" syndrome. It was here a minute ago. @$%^& translates as "the dickens", or something like that :^)


    My red scarf yarn just arrived this week, and I am looking at patterns.


    I went stash diving last week, and amused the heck out of Manise (who picked an auspicious time to drop by) by narrating the whole adventure ("Oh! I got this at Rhinebeck four years ago." "I bought this in a destash from JulieFrick." "Hey! I bought this way back when I was just starting to knit seriously ... it's pretty! I should probably use it.")

    You are not alone.


    We may all be like that and it isn't just with skeins of yarn, it's with brands. For instance Peace Fleece reminds me of you and Foxfire reminds me of Sandy. Rhinebeck reminds me of how much I'll miss seeing all my friends. sigh


    I also like the basketweave pattern....the one I'm working on now is a multiple of 5 stitches.


    I think the pattern, as written, only works for a multiple of 8, plus 2. Otherwise, you'll get a checkerboard garter scarf.


    If you feel it necessary to split hairs, I suppose that's what it
    should be called -- a checkerboard scarf.

    elizabeth a airhart

    i think if you go to the beauty palor
    they will take care of all the split hairs

    tis a nice pattern and the yarn is fine

    yes one does remember where and when

    good night


    I love it! But, being a symmetry psycho, I'd use a multiple of 8 plus 4. I use an odd number of rows, too, so I can knit more than I purl.

    Last year I did a roundup of stitch patterns to use for Red Scarf, and now I think I'll give it an encore.


    Beautiful scarf. I'm working on my own contribution to the Red Scarf Fund. My children think I've turned into the crazy scarf lady because that is all I make.

    I do want you to know that you have made me a yarn snob, I tried knitting with the old red heart standby and it was like knitting with rope...I did not like it! I may never make it to Rhinebeck for the good stuff but I think my red heart stash is headed for a yard sale or donation bin!!

    jordan 13

    Thanks for your good posts to us,and hope to be better then,and good luck!I will follow your new posts,and so pleasure to make you as my good friend!

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