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    Sunday, October 03, 2010


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    Well, at least it looks like you're able to squeeze in a little knitting time. In all your current chaos, that's got to be therapeutic.
    Hang in there.

    Lynn Davis

    You always do right by the Red Scarf Project. Thanks for your passion and honesty. It is all so refreshing!


    I don't think you are in the right frame of mind for Ravelry. I'll just knit my red scarves quietly and stay away from that group, too.


    It's good to know your limits. :-) Hang in there, Norma, and know you've laid a solid foundation for the Red Scarf Project.


    I think the photos of the scarves are inspriation enough. I've got two done but one is languishing - time to get going.


    Knit. knit, knit.
    Knit. knit, knit.


    Being generous is no fun unless you can bitch about it. Knitting for others is no fun unless there is angst involved. At least, that's what all the Rav-drama teaches me! Better to stay away.


    I love you, Norma!


    April surprise? Please say it is a book. That would be so cool.

    Linda M

    wish you had an "agree" button I could click on ;-}

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Hey Norma, That sumpin' sumopiun' (if it's the same one I'm thinking of) has now been postponed till September, which IMO is a better time. It'll really be SUMPIN.
    yrs conspiratorially, Gale

    elizabeth a airhart

    two down and third to go

    norma do you think ofa could set up
    a red scarf news letter of its own
    with up dates etc right into our boxes

    save the childern sent me a letter
    time to make little hats again
    going for a million even a download 12pps

    special olymics etc need scarves
    they have rules yarn color where to send

    you make it very clear carry on jeeves

    i need a drink


    I usually stay far away from all that Rav stuff, but now I think I will go and fall down that hole. I'll try to keep knitting while I am reading.


    I don't get it either, it's not just you. Bottom line? keep it simple _______. you can fill in the blank ;^)
    OH! a surprise Sumpin? that's changed from April to September? You and Gale are such teases!
    I think it's safe to say we're all aware of how full your plate is right now, never fear, we'll still be knitting the Red Scarves.


    There is probably nobody that understands where you are at with this red scarf project as well as I do. Good on you for letting it go right this second.

    Elizabeth D

    Now you've made me want to go see what the heck is up with the Ravelry group! I belong, but never read it unless I need a new pattern idea. Last thing I need is extra stuff to worry about!! But must check out the uproar, and go find me a nice red rectangle to work on. . .


    Very pretty inspiration!


    What??? But without you to whap me upside the head every 3.2 seconds how will my poor itty bitty attention span ever be able to cope with making Red Scarves??

    OK, OK, I'm on it. Actually I've been on it for some time, but am making very slow progress. Simplify, simplify.


    As a reminder if you want to give the (cash) gift that keeps on giving to OFA and work for the Federal Government, they are part of the Combined Federal Campaign.

    Diane H.

    Oh Norma! I'm just knitting for the Red Scarf Project.... because of you and your passion. Don't need no stinkin' discussion or pep talks or endless debate. I've already finished 3 scarves. More on the way.

    Keep the faith...


    Sounds like your decision to change the way you will be doing your part for the Red Scarf Project is best for you, and I am glad you made it.

    Borderline Savage

    Norma, is there anyone willing to take over the reins of Red Scarf this year? I'm willing to assist.


    It seems really so tough fro me to knit anything. My mom used to do things like you all her life long. But I can't. What should I do when I'll get much old to do anything moving around.


    Why are all your red scarves, um, red?

    : )


    Wise guy, Margot!

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