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    Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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    Oh good grief, is there some kind of kids primer on the law that could be sent? I don't even live in the US and I understand how it works. Sigh...

    Mary Fran

    Wow - you mean she's going to be able to prosecute the criminals *before* they commit crimes? That's fantastic!


    Why isn't there a "like" button in blogland?


    Good luck with the campaign. This is an especially crazy time in politics! I hope for a responsible electorate and a victory for David!


    And we love you! Still taking campain contributions?


    Bless David's heart and his magical powers, too...


    The sad thing is, I'm sitting here wondering how many idiots will actually buy that argument. You know the thought that crime prevention is not in the job description will escape some people.


    we have municipal elections coming up here soon, and it's as crazy as yours. I almost want to move to Vermont just so I can cast my vote for David...



    Seanna Lea

    I want to know in what land is it a good idea to have someone who has never done a jury trial to start prosecuting criminals. Even if she is a natural and knows procedure like the back of her hand, she doesn't have any way right now to prove that. If I were in Vermont, I would want to see proof that she can bring a case to trial and get a conviction of someone guilty of drug trafficking, murder or another criminal offense.


    WTF indeed. Not only 'clueless' but willfully so, nothing in her little letter gave me the impression she understands the job... plus she's the one who apparently believes in the magic shit (perhaps her candidate can check out those cow killings, you know for a bit of experience)(I know, stupid and snarky).
    so... have you ordered your organic turkey? (saw the ad) and oh sweet jeebus, the Homosexuals Anonymous ad "seeking freedom from (those oh so pesky) unwanted homosexual desires.
    I wish I could vote up there :^)

    elizabeth a airhart

    your add is the best so far

    florida is in the midst of nasty time

    i like the fact that one of the helpers
    for the apple fest is named mary crabtree

    stay on the sidewalks


    FFS! What is wrong with people?!


    Madness! I want the inside scoop on those magic powers....


    Wow! I am really enjoying your local paper. I grew up in a small town with a weekly paper too and didn't realize how much I missed the local news. I think you should reprint this woman's letter in your next ad! She makes all the same points that you do.


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