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    Thursday, September 30, 2010


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    Thank you thank you thank you - Norma and all the knitters ;) (And Norma, you should know that 8 times out of 10 when I type your name, i have to backspace and delete an L at the end - !!)


    Happy to help! A friend of mine is also waiting for a dog for her 12 year old son, also through NEADS ... I hope things move quickly for Toby!


    **sniff** **sniff**
    It's not much, but I guess every bit helps.


    You might want to mention that you have to scroll to the bottom of Toby's page to find the info to click on. The limitations of my computer held me up on this point -- though I obviously did figure it out. You don't want anyone to be deterred! Good luck!


    Good luck to Toby! I have donated.


    to all - you can also click on the red "heart" on the right of Toby's picture to get to their donation system. As long as you select his name in the drop-down box, or note his name in the comment box, it'll get routed to him :)
    I am unbelievably humbled....-Sara


    My dog training club has raised money to donate a puppy to NEADS.. and a few of us are puppy raisers for them! It is a fantastic organization, and I'm thrilled to help Toby get a dog.


    I live about 3 miles from NEADS they are wonderful people doing wornderful work. I have raised a puppy for NEADS and she lives in Cambridge with her human. We have also adopted a flunkie from NEADS. I wish you the best of luck with your dog. They really do make a difference in the life of the human that they are placed with.




    Finally got my...self back over here, and I'm only too happy to help Toby out. xox

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