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    Thursday, August 05, 2010


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    air max 90

    Your opinion is very unique! My friends and I are all produced a curious! We very much hope you will share with us further


    Thinks that the comment above her will vanish in a puff of dust...

    Mmmmm garlic.. going to French supermarket today to stock up... as I didn't plant any this year...


    Excellent crop! I should plant some this fall. I will try to get something grown locally and plant those. That should work, right?


    Safe from the vampires for another year, WHEW!

    Margaret in Ontario

    Absolutely gorgeous! If you're ever looking for prizes for a contest, I'd say look no further than one of those beauties. They rival the rose petal jam!


    You'll be all set to protect yourself from vampires, that's for sure!


    Now THAT is some beautiful garlic! Nice!


    Once again I'm kicking myself for not planting garlic! This fall, for sure. (Nag me...)


    I've never been much of an onion or garlic fan, but the onions from our garden have been fabulous! Next year we'll plant 10 times more. Maybe we should try garlic, too.

    Seanna Lea

    Can you ship some of those my way? I should figure out when I need to plant garlic for my own beautiful crop. To the Internet!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    What a lovely harvest -- you're going to have some very yummy meals this winter!


    Our house rule: If some garlic is good, more garlic is better! I covet your garlic.


    That is one gorgeous basketful of garlic, they're so pretty! heh, the vampire comments.

    Cheryl S.

    That looks like at least 5 years' worth of garlic for me.

    Wanda in AR



    I know this comment should be about garlic...but check this out! Had to de-lurk to show you the cutest terrier buttons ever.
    Click on "pewter buttons" in the left nav and scroll down about 1/2 way. Too cute.

    ps - not associated with Rams Horn in any way - found link on "Wendyknits"

    Jenny Bennett

    WOW!!! Is all of that from your garden???? Lucky you!! :)


    Good job! Wicked good job!


    I don't know, are you sure you planted enough garlic ?

    ::ducks and runs::


    That will get you through a couple of months. Then what? ;^)



    wonderful! love me some garlic too.

    elizabeth a airhart

    lovely garlic- you all come back now

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