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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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    Get better soon! SO sorry you are under the weather-licks from all the dogs here.


    Oh noes! What did you eat that did not agree with your tum-tums? An over-ripe bone dug up in Alpha's garden? Get well soon. From Alida South Africa


    Get well soon, sweetest little boy.


    Oh no! Get well soon!


    There, there, poor boy. Feel better soon!


    Poor Mr J.. I am currently sulking with my family for leaving me for three weeks. I've still not decided if I am sulking cos they left or cos they came and got me back.

    Hang in there mate... us labs eat all manner of awful things and it so worth the suffering.. but keep off the junk food for a while. You have to do these things gradually, oh and those over ripe bones... result in all kind of nasty medicines and the odd injection. Personally I prefer to demand a fresh one by leaving the stinking ones on the doormat... works every time.

    Love Mr Jinx xxx


    Oh poor Mr. Jefferies. Feel better soon little one.


    Awwww... Poor little guy. I'm sure A.Alpha is pampering the hell out of you.


    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Mr. J. Hang in there!

    Erin N.

    Feel better soon lil' guy!


    Feel better, Mr. J.


    Oh, poor thing. Lots of love and cuddling will help!!!


    You poor dear! Go back to bed! Be waited on hand and foot!

    elizabeth a airhart

    lil ole pudding pie woofs you

    you need to stay quiet and people need to
    stop feeding you junk food your are a
    dog not the human they think we are

    my alpha sends best wishes we loves you

    try to be restful lile ole pudding pie
    florida usa still hot hot hot hot

    Wanda in AR

    Feel better Mr J.


    Hope you feel better soon! -From Rover (a new yorkie reader)

    Seanna Lea

    Poor thing. Is it too much poop?


    Feel better, sweet Mr. J!


    Aw, Mr. J., my tummy (and lower) is feeling the same thing. Be better soon!


    oh poor puppy, I hope he will get better soon!


    Poor baby! Feel better soon!


    Oh, Mr. J, so sorry your tummy is not feeling so good. Alpha A will nurse you back to being your ol self in no time. Get well soon!
    Hugs, Max & his mom


    Poor baby! What happened? I hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest and plenty of love.


    Poor baby! A Alpha is very concerned and is doing everything she possibly can to get you better. You'll be better soon.....


    Poor Mr. J. I should tell A. Alpha that I once had a dog who became very ill whenever I traveled with him. Turns out I had to bring water from home, and that solved the problem! No more icky tummy for days.


    Poor Mr. J. and poor A Alpha!


    Awe, poor baby. My little man, Coal, has this problem from time to time (IBS). Get well soon.

    Angie l.

    Hope you feel better soon Mr. J.


    Feel better Mr. J! Sending kisses and gentle belly rubs...


    Aww. Poor Mr. J. Sending you cerulean Rangeley healing thoughts.


    Feel better soon, hon!
    (The Meezer and The Tonk send their best!)


    DUDE, you GOTTA quit with that bunny shit... I know I know it's yummy, but so bad for your tummy.


    Mr. Jeffries, you look so sad and uncomfortable in the pics,
    hope you get better soooon !
    Can't wait to see your happy yorkie face again :)


    Dear Mr. J, we're all so sorry to find out you're under the weather. Take the medicines and keep away from the overripe bones and poop, ok? There are so many other good things to eat.

    hugs and more hugs


    Aw, poor Mr. Jefferies! We're all so sorry your tum-tum doesn't feel good. Those big sad eyes make me want to cry! I know A. Alpha will have you feeling your happy self again in no time. Get lots of sleep and definitely stay away from the bunny poop,okay?


    Holy Crapola, that's quite the arsenal,Mr.J! but really, so sorry and hope you get to feeling better Soon! xoxox

    Hester Sturrock

    Dear Mr.J: I hope you feel better soon. The only time I have had the *gastrics* is when I eat the green and/or red rubber bands that MyBoyDavid uses for his paper route. My poop comes out quite colorfully which gets everyone around here excited. But more importantly I have the gastrics for a week or so and have to let MyBoyDavid and his handlers push pills down my throat so my tummy doesn't hurt.

    Dude, even though you are a pooch, you still need to try and be somewhat selective on what you scarf down. 10 seconds of scarfing down ecstasy is not worth 10 days of bum tum. Or is it?

    from your pal Lucky, a cairn terrier who will eat almost anything (and has paid the price). Also, sometimes, even though MyBoyDavid and his handlers don't always agree, I do get the tummy troubles for no particular reason.

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