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    Saturday, August 07, 2010


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    That was fast - didn't you just cast that one on?
    And what a nice surprise to find out you had twice as many scarves as you thought you had!


    Lucky you! (Cause, ya know, luck has so much to do with it!)I wish my red scarves were already done...Thank-goodness we have the know-how to get that to happen: knit, Knit, KNIT!


    I think you captured it's beauty just fine.

    Jean E.

    Very Kool!


    Pretty scarf. Love the photo styling with the chili peppers.


    Very Kool-"Aid"!!!!! I think that is hysterical that you can use kool-aid to dye things. But it makes total sense - I mean it does leave a mean stain!

    BTW - I Love Norma and all the Red Scarf Knitters (and crocheters)!


    Nice scarf. My next project will be a red scarf.....have a baby sweater almost finished, a baby blanket started and a sweater for me-3 projects at a time.

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Congratulations on having two completed already! I just ordered my Red Scarf yarn - upcoming vacation knitting. Of course, if I get all three scarves finished by December, that will be a big accomplishment.


    Thank you for the reminder. I better get started soon to avoid the panicked rush in December. I think your scarf photographed very nicely!


    Nice scarf! I sent my three off this past week since we return to S. America next week. Have a great weekend! Konna


    That is a Very Handsome scarf! I really do love those scarves, knit lengthwise. I'm also just a little partial to the koolaid for dyeing, fun activity with Gracie, kid safe.


    You did a lovely job!

    I think Black Cherry is the best color of Kool Aid. They come in different color, right? ;^)


    Seanna Lea

    Beautiful. I have 2 Mabels in the works for the Red Scarf Project (well, one is done). They will have a long and checkered past, because currently they are working the props scene in the production of Sweeney Todd I'm in.


    I think I need to dye some yarn with kool aid... I have some lightish gray that would be good...


    And who can beat that garter stitch idea for mindless... a great vacation from thinking. Oh crap, can you tell I'm into 2 glasses of wine????

    elizabeth a airhart

    oh yes oh yes get your red scarfs here

    my yarn is on its way i will stay inside
    in the ac and knit -florida 90 -8:35 pm--98

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