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    Thursday, August 12, 2010


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    I took Chem 101 with Professor Strauss way back in the day. Beautiful paintings.


    Looks like he'd better paint fast, or the gallery walls will be bare... Lovely work - the colors just sing!


    Nice paintings! And how great that you don't clash with them!


    Love your necklace too - I think I remember you showing it on the blog when you got it! And actually, I think that's a great picture - perhaps not in the somber vein - but great!


    You already know my thoughts regarding that series of photos, FABulous! and ZOMG, Mike's paintings!! #3,5,7,8, and 9 are singing sweet songs for me. Yes, I always enjoy seeing comments left by Mike :^D.
    oh, to be a Vermonter, sigh.


    LOVE the photo - and gee... even tho I NEVER EVER get to see you anymore, I think I was with you when you got that pendant?

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    What a GREAT picture of you! The sunburst on your glasses is a beautiful accent, but your smile and joy are what make it shine.


    That is a FABulous photo! :-)

    I love the name of the course. . . Drawing as a Way of Knowing. I just went to a gardening conference -- and they talked about gardening as a "way of knowing." Love that idea.

    Seanna Lea

    The paintings almost look like stained glass pieces with light shining through them with the glowing colors and strong black lines. Lovely.

    Elizabeth D

    Starry eyed!!


    LOVE his work!!


    I love it when artists get to that place where it's all about color and line, light and shadow. His are great, and they all DO go with your outfit... hmmmm... Check out mom's friend Andrea's paintings (I babysat her girls back in the day), Even more impressive is that she paints through her MS, which is pretty debilitating.

    Way beyond my price range, though she gifted us a couple of small ones (little bigger than postcards).


    Wonderful photo of you and amazing artwork! What a multi talented friend!


    I am just glad you named the blog "More about Mike" and resisted the urge to call it "More on Mike" Come on, you know it crossed your devious mind! His painting are really nice. Thanks for sharing!

    elizabeth a airhart

    really really good
    is your friend part of the daily painters
    group -i take the daily paintings in my
    e mail box

    you are looking good hope thee wins


    Thanks for kind words Norma, and to all your blog readers as well. Gotta use some of those comments in my promo material.


    The paintings are gorgeous - I love them! And that's a great picture of you, too!


    Seriously coveting the painting on far right, middle row and the photo of you...well, he is one helluva good...great photographer/artist. Very exciting style!

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