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    Wednesday, August 18, 2010


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    With "authentic", though, the cheese curds are generally intact and not all melty. Still, nom.

    Cheryl S.

    Looks pretty tasty to me.


    {hugs} Sorry you're going through a rough patch. I say more good food and good company!


    Hate to hear sadness, hope things look better soon. No idea what's going on, don't need to know, just want to send hugs. Jinx sends some too.


    Mmmm... poutine. The first time I had it around Wes he was appalled. I don't indulge often but I do enjoy it at home once in a while.

    Sorry things are rough right now.


    Mwah! Lovely time. Lovely company. Thanks Norma! We've moved on to strong coffee and crepes. Did you know you can buy poutine sauce in the grocery?? Shall I pick you up some?


    Poutine looks like comfort food to me...
    (And hugs for whatever's going on in your life.)


    Mention "poutine" to a Quebecois and their whole face lights up. That's what happened when I was up there a couple of weeks ago. I bet you didn't ask how many


    WoW. I'm thinking in our neck of the woods that would be considered a 'mess', although not in a derogatory manner... ;^)
    Hugs, cheers, whatever you need for the 'tough time', headed your way. xox


    Friends, good food and a drink (or two)'s the best recipe to get a person through the rough spots.

    elizabeth a airhart

    you dyed your hair and you hate it

    is it worse than that?

    if you ever need a friend here we am
    if you ever well you tube ethel merman
    if you are ever in distress s.o.s
    its friend ship just a perfect blendship


    Poutine was one of the things that made returning to Massena from points south bearable. What better than cheese and potatoes, with a bit of gravy thrown in. I am sorry to hear that you are having tough times, but think you know that you have many people who care and are here for you)


    I had my first genuine poutine earlier this summer while vacationing in Canada, and I must say it definitely lived up to its billing! Definitely comfort food for tough times. I hope yours helped -- good friends and comfort food are an unbeatable combination when life throws troubles at you.


    Oh, two of my pals in one spot!


    David and I had poutine last year when I moved to Oregon - we drove from upstate NY to Toronto and then across Canada. It was a terrific trip. We've gotten a couple of the local restaurants to make poutine for us, although they use shredded cheese instead of cheese curds. But it's still pretty tasty.


    We decided not to go to Canada this year, partly because I remembered about an hour from home in terrible traffic that I hadn't brought passports. But when I do, and when we do, I'll keep this in mind.

    And you are twice lucky to have had it and Carol at the same time.

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