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    Monday, August 02, 2010


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    Gooseberry jam is wonderful. As is gooseberry tart and gooseberry pie. I haven't been able to find gooseberries since I moved back from England though. I can't even find a gooseberry bush to buy except through mailorder. Enjoy that!

    Mary de B

    How else would you pronounce gooseberry?


    In the Midwest, we pronounced it goose-berry. My grandma made pies, tarts, and jam from the ones growing wild on their farm in Kansas. Yumm - gooseberry pie...


    Your Stonewall Kitchen shot reminded me of a vacation we took about 5 years ago in Maine. Two weeks in a rented cottage in Camden. It was the best. Anyway, I bought so much Stonewall Kitchen, I had to ship it home. I used most of it for gifts but for a while, we lived large in the jam department!

    Goozberry, definitely.


    Was the oil and vinegar sipping shop Leroux Kitchen? It's on Commercial St, and has the best supply of kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, coffee, etc. I love the Stonewall Kitchen sauces and jams, too.


    You are making me homesick! Glad you had so much fun!


    This morning I tried the Stonewall Kitchen key lime curd you gave me, on a toasted cranberry bagel. It was awesome! Buttery, sweet, and tangy. Yum.

    Seanna Lea

    Gosh. It sounds like you had a ton of fun. I would much rather travel with you than a dozen people I know (who are not nearly so willing to explore).


    Mmmm, yummy, I love the SK products! goozberries? I don't think I've ever even seen one. hmmmmm.
    I want to know about those piles of rocks ;^)


    Mox and Max are very envious of Mr J and his Lobster Dog Treats!
    One of our smaller stores has a lovely selection of SK. So many people can't tell the difference, but a very good olive oil, one that TASTES like olives is worth the money!


    I used to buy a commercial olive oil that tasted like olives; as I remember, I originally bought it because it was inexpensive. (And if I could remember the name I'll die a happy woman. Haven't seen it in a few years.)

    Goozberry in MN and WI. On the North Shore of Lake Superior you will find Gooseberry Falls state park, and that is definitely pronounced Goozberry.


    I'm so happy you enjoyed your time in lovely Portland.... it really is a neat little city. (And I'm so disappointed that I couldn't join you there.)

    And SK products are the best!! Enjoy!


    Mmmm, Maine jam. How do you feel about blackberry chutney? That's what I'm making for the Christmas pork roast.


    My dad, who grew up in Illinois, used to talk about gooseberry pie, which was a treat they had during the Depression. I think the gooseberries probably grew wild. (And he just said it like plain old "goose.")

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