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    Monday, August 09, 2010


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    Norma: What a good friend you are! I loved the tour of the antiques shop and was especially touched by the love an care your friend puts into the display of each and every antique. I'm head-over-heels in love with that alphabet mold and have already emailed to inquire about it. Thanks so much for taking us shopping with you!


    That looks like a wonderful little shop. I'd like to sit there and have a cup of tea and chat with the owner.


    I've been beaten to the alphabet mold! That's gorgeous!


    Lovely tour!
    I, too, was smitten with the mold. Can't believe you walked off and left that treasure!


    I'm eyeing the blue potter mixing bowl set. I'll bet it weighs a ton;-P


    Me too! Love that mold. You do know how to entertain us.


    What a fabulous antique shop! Right now I'm in the market for small blue and white dishes. I want to use them on the back splash in my kitchen. I was gifted a yarn winder by a teacher I worked with. It has been fixed so it is not authentic, but I love it! The mold is to die for!


    What a charming store! I love the building & could see myself spending a lot of time there. What fun to sift through all those treasures! Thanks for the tour!


    What a fabulous place! Would love to spend time looking at everything IRL. I kept clicking on the photos and thinking.. oh wait Norma, what's that over there, just at the edge of the photo, lol! Great mold! I think I want to know more about that turquoise/aqua.. what is that? and the pink pitcher :^)
    Thank you, Norma, for that delightful tour!


    What a cute shop! Well-lit and nicely arranged -- that mold is adorable and I'm not surprised to read that it was snatched already! So much to look at...

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    That building is gorgeous - with beautiful treasures inside! As I looked at the pictures, I wondered how so much stuff could fit inside. Now I want to mix up a batch of cornbread and cook it in that clever alphabet pan.


    Our antiques shops are just junk shops. Your friend has a REAL antique shop. It's full of such fun and beautiful things!

    Seanna Lea

    I want the cookie (well, I would use it for cookies) mold. Such a terrific looking shop. It makes me wish my mother still lived in the area, because antiquing was one of her big things.


    A pink duck egg cup!!! I collect egg cups, though no one will give me any more, as they think there are too many. Poo on them!


    On second look, it's probably a pink chick, but still!

    Cheryl S.

    Nevermind all of the stuff INSIDE... go peel off some of those cedar shingles and send them to me. Nobody sells them here.


    Norma, you are killing us with all the words! Why do you never show us photos?

    ::ducks and runs away::

    Put me down for one of those non-PC (see: I) cookie molds. And a couple oil lamps. And the measuring spoon holder (took me a long time to figure that one out). But why is the pepper jar the same size as the salt and sugar ones? Surely those Puritanical New Englanders eschewed pepper as the devil's flavoring?


    Neat little place!! Have written and made an inquiry.....


    What a beautiful little shop! What did you bring home? :D


    Love the tour of the antique shop!! I have that pink pitcher in a pale yellow. It was something I inherited from my mother's kitchen. She used it when she made lemonade from fresh-squeezed lemons. A rare treat, but SO good!

    elizabeth a airhart

    memories are made of this
    thank you norma

    my garndmother had this and that one too
    my aunts used to paint on china
    my moms hobs nail glass ware is in there
    a pitcher oh so many goodies in and out
    and flower boxes --i bet you all on the
    net reading this posting wiped her out


    So what did you bring home? More juicers???


    I was also too slow out of the gate to snag the alphabet mold but had a nice conversation with your friend of the lovely name. What interesting people we meet here in cyber space.

    Alarming Female

    Well, here I am, a day or two late and a dollar short. It sounds like a lovely place, and your photos are beautiful.


    Darn, that mold is seriously, seriously cool. Looks like a great store!!

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