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    Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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    I like the margarita shot! And OMG, dog Shadow looks SO much like our beloved Harriet, RIP. Is she a dachschund cocker-spaniel?

    And hope your baby is feeling better!

    Barbara M.

    Obviously the third from the bottom was post-margarita..... Mr. J looks the way I feel after one too many! Glad you survived the storm in such fine fashion.

    Barbara M.


    Mr J looks like he's thinking "Why is she standing crooked?"
    As fast as weather changes up here, only a masochist would want to be a weatherman in Vermont...


    Northern VT has the most incredible storms! I drove through the worst rainstorm in the WORLD coming home from Burlington once. Granted that was about 15 years ago, but still...Now I'm convinced that N VT is the land-of-the-deluge.


    How is Mr. Jeffries feeling?


    Gorgeous sunset shots! Love those margaritas. . .


    Rode through a storm like that only it was way down in south Texass. and it lasted a looong time. I'm pretty sure a maniac was at the wheel too.
    Gorgeous photos! heee.


    Mr. J must be feeling better. Sudden storms are all the more frightening. Your pictures show it's often more beautiful after a storm.


    Thank goodness it was just a freak storm and left quickly. I hope Mr. J if feeling better these days.


    Mr. J must be feeling better. I remember being out at Malletts Bay at Sadies years ago when a tornado came across the bay. Being from Kansas I recognized that one. Glad you made it there in one piece.

    Seanna Lea

    If life is truly good, then all of the pictures were taken after a couple of good margaritas. Deliciousness in a glass.


    Mr J looks so very wistful.....


    Margaritas = tilted horizons.

    elizabeth a airhart

    if the storms of life would only
    pass as quickly

    i can remember being on the palma sola
    cause way here in florida &have a black
    storm hit us from both sides north
    to south
    campaigns can be full of it


    Snort, chuckle, giggle. Love the after-margarita photo!

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