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    Sunday, August 15, 2010


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    I love the ampersand & use it as often as I can when I type things, but have yet to manage a good version when I write longhand. I must need more practice. I live in Nova Scotia because I love it (moved here from western Canada a dozen years ago) for beaches, lifestyle & quality of life, weather, people & yes the interesting use of language.


    OMG, I think you have overdosed on Is there an antidote? Anyway, it is a beautiful symbol and if that is all that is wrong with's ok.


    Seriously, with all to worry about in the world should we be worrying about over use of a lovely symbol such as the ampersand! Ahh..Nova Scotia. Loved our trip there last summer. Can't wait to return!


    The Origins of &:


    So why is 'and' the only conjunction that rates its own symbol? I think 'but' should have one, too. Something emphatic and pointy, I think.

    Mary de B

    You can even knit some ampersands:

    And speaking of symbols, * I have but one "ass to risk" for my country.


    How fun that your should link to the Fake AP Style Book as one of our SnB grrls, Anna, is involved with it. We've been waiting for "her book" to be published. It's going to be a hoot! (PS I hate Twitter and won't join even to read Fake AP Style)

    Jean E.

    & once again you are right on. You really know where it's @


    I'm partial to the oneleigh &. (second link)
    & they ARE so very pretty.


    Sorry, Norma, ampersands don't belong in any document that requires proofreading. But feel free to ampersand us to your heart's content here and on Facebook.

    elizabeth a airhart

    &! & ! & !+ &!
    & good night lucy


    Thank you for making me laugh & I'm in on the ampersand fan club.


    Jumped over to Fake AP Style, somehow there were a few more hops, & then I noticed several hours had disappeared.

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