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    Saturday, July 03, 2010


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    Apparently I know quite a bit about crap. I only got 2 wrong!


    I'm going to take comfort in the fact that I know less about crap than I would have thought...

    Susan B

    Don't know if you read the comics page, but a character in today's Pickles strip can sympathize with you!


    It seems I know less than I thought about bird droppings. And, you know? That's ok;-D


    I'm stuck in the middle with you! I've been pooped on twice -- once in my hair -- not seagulls -- but does it really matter what type of bird shit is on you???

    I answered half correctly. Poop.


    well, I got 6 correct.. not necessarily proud though :^) after all, it's just a buncha crap, eh?


    6 here too. I know more about crap than I thought I did.

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Only 50% right!


    2 years ago on this date, we were in Peru specifically on a boat tour of Ballestas Island, (sp?) where tons of the stuff is collected each season; there are guards on the top each of the islands to prevent guana rustling. It was quite a fragrant trip. We also saw blue footed boobies, among many other species. Apparently, I wasn't a good listener, as i got only 7 of the questions right


    i guessed every question and got two wrong.

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