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    Thursday, June 17, 2010


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    I heart The Oatmeal.

    Mary Fran

    This has to be one of my top 10 favorite posts. Thank you for introducing me to The Oatmeal. As an engineer whose last English class was in high school, I need it! And of course, LOVE the Apple one!

    kelli ann

    One of my favourite Facebook groups:

    'Let's eat Grandma!' or, 'Let's eat, Grandma!' Punctuation saves lives.

    Facebook is all-consuming. Bleah!


    Wish I had more time this morning - who knew wading in Oatmeal could be so much fun?


    You are full of info. I just can't endure more time on FB, or on-line for that matter, to enjoy it all.


    The Oatmeal is one of my favorites!


    Thanks for introducing me to the Oatmeal! Hilarious!


    Norma, you are my guide to the best of the internet. MWAA! My husband and I have already wasted at least 30 minutes sitting side by side with our laptops and the Oatmeal. What a great way to start the day!


    Oh boy - productivity level down 10 minutes into the work day. Such fun - thanks Norma!


    I heart Mrs. Stephen Fry. And her hubby.

    Have you ever seen his episode of "Who Do You Think You Are"? He says, "We are all these little flecks being cast around in the wind of history, and we've settled and grown in this particular crack in the pavement, but the puff of history could have blown in another direction, and we would have grown in another crack in another pavement." Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.


    Hahahahahahah! Mrs.S.Fry's tweet. heeeeeeeeeeee.
    I'm a facebook fail, totally just suck the face right off :^)


    IMHO, Facebook is a total fail. Uninteresting to me. Don't bother me, I'm busy. Oh, and Bah-Humbug. Haven't tried any of the other new fangled gizmos. I might check out The Oatmeal link later, should there be a break in my bad additude. Luddite anyone?


    The Oatmeal! Loving it! Thanks again, Norma, for another terrific link. I suppose I better check with The Oatmeal to see if I used my commas correctly around "Norma."


    Hilarious! I haven't created a Twitter account myself, but I keep up with a few people's Twitter feeds by subscribing to them via Google Reader instead.

    I did something sneaky on Facebook to keep the signal-to-noise ratio down too. I purposely left my maiden name off of my account, and don't seek out old acquaintances. As a result, only 5 high school friends have ever found me on there.

    Seanna Lea

    Gah. I think I could spend all evening (well, after I walk the dog) tonight reading Oatmeal.

    @Katie - I too do not have my maiden name (and I had a full name change after getting married) in my Facebook. The only person who has found me from HS found me through my husband's page.


    Thanks for the Mrs. Fry link - hilarious!

    mary lou

    I am still snorting over Bohemian Spam for Tea.


    1. I love The Oatmeal!
    2. I absolutely love Stephen Fry! Currently finishing the series, Jeeves and Wooster. Fantastic indeed!


    Thanks for the best hearty belly laugh of the day concerning Mrs. Fry! Tears ran down my face, too!


    Stephen Fry is so incredibly delightful. Love!


    Thanks for the Oatmeal link - loved it, but don't love F*Book - too many privacy issues for me! As for Twitter, sounds like you saved me some time. The 10 things to stop tweeting list seems to be what it's about - superMEH on that!

    Susie G

    Oh dear. What am I missing about the grammar page?

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