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    Wednesday, June 30, 2010


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    Whenever I hear a Tom Jones song I think of that Dana Carvey comedy routine.


    Sounds like an awesome place for dinner. As for Tom Jones, I'm too young to remember him in his prime but Dale has some great Tom Jones jokes.

    Susan B

    Great Lakes Walleye is da bomb! Those fish and chips look phenomenal! Even though I live aaaallll the way over on the very Western tip of Lake Erie, we have the same fish! Yum!

    I have to say, the more I read your blog, the more I really want to plan an extended vacation in your neck of the woods.


    Love the review and I'll have to eat there next time I'm in "The Islands". Funny, as you were raving about Tom Jones, I was thinking of how he looks now and then you mentioned it. But fantasies are wonderful!!!


    It cracks me up that you ordered fish and chips at a "fancy" restaurant. I got an Italian sub at the NY State Fair once, and Jeremy still teases me about it because "if you go to the fair, you have to get FAIR food, silly".


    I wish the fish and chips from our Fish and Chip shop looked so good... we won't even talk about taste...

    You're making me want to head out to my favourite pub for fish and chips now...


    We have some great fish & chips here in Columbus, but yours look out of this world, too! And is that delicata squash with the salmon? To die for!!

    Tom mother's fantasy man. LOL! I actually saw him in concert in 1978. Really. I was dating a guy who decided he wanted to take me to a concert...I was pushing for Aerosmith...I ended up at Tom Jones. The high point of the show was the opening act - a young, just-starting-out Jay Leno. I'll admit to dozing during Tom (though I've liked several of his songs over the years). Saw him on Jools Holland recently - he looks like hell, but he still has the pipes. :-)


    When I was a little girl, playing "Barbie's" with my neighbor-and-best-friend, Wendy, we used to fight over which of our Barbies' boyfriend was Tom Jones. I usually won. (The loser was stuck with Jerry Lewis! Those were the days. . .)


    Oh Tom - such memories of the last dance at the campground - it was always Delilah. Love him!


    I was having such a wonderful time day dreaming about staying Hero House and then you ruined. Bleh...not Tom Jones?


    Hahahaha. I'm laughing at Kym's comment... why oh why, Tom Jones vs. JERRY LEWIS???


    I stayed at the North Hero House on a trip with Bike Vermont.. (in the gray house in the picture!) I would enthusiastically recommend both the Inn and the Biking... There is also a fantastic winery we visited...

    I was just in Barnard VT last weekend for a wedding, and had the most amazing food at Mangowood (at the Lincoln Inn, Woodstock), and the wedding was at the Barnard Inn (also amazing food).

    And now I'm hungry, and far from VT. Sigh.


    Ok...TJ is one thing, but you mentioned Newman and Woodward - I remember when they bought the house in Hartland (4-Corners) right up behind my grandparents place. (to this day when I have a "dream VT home" it's that little place they had)

    We were all totally besotted and going out on the road several times a day hoping to run into them. We never did.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
    (and that salmon looks amazing...)

    Seanna Lea

    Wow. I'm trying not to laugh my a$$ off about the very red pimping outfit of Mr. TJ.


    The fish and chips looks fab. I remember thinking of Tom Jones as a joke when I was a kid. Love those five songs and him now. He has so much fun. Have you heard him doing Prince's "Kiss" with The Art of Noise. Definitely one for the iPod. I have it on mine.


    That last photo takes the biscuit. Gotta love a Welshman. And Helen is correct. I have a whole CD of Tom doing remakes with current artists called 'Reloaded'. It's fab! And 'Kiss' is an excellent remake. Well worth buying the album.


    About 3 or so years ago, we had a work retreat in Westchester County, NY. I was in my room knitting but a few of the staff were in the bar and who came in but Tom Jones. He was staying at the hotel and had a concert locally. The staff with their pictures w/Tom were showing their "proof" for weeks as no one believed them.


    My my my Delilah!!! He does like his left side, doesn't he?!?

    He was quite the favorite in our house, him and Engleburt Humperdink. But Elvis was ALWAYS the King!

    Teresa C

    Tom Jones!!! I'm having a hot flash! I saw him sing Prince's Kiss a few years ago. At first, being a Prince fan, was worried. He ROCKED IT!!!! He is still hot now. A few more pounds, but still H.O.T!

    Teresa C

    You've got me giggling. My mom used to let me stay up and watch his show. Imagine!

    Martha in Destin

    OH, my, I'm blushing at that red outfit!


    Salmon & Chips looks delicious. And so did Tom in his days. I still remember his TV show that we watched in the 70s, I think. He was pretty hot and steaming in those days. Still like his five songs. S

    Lindy in Australia

    Well! Not often these days that a guy wears his pants so tight you can tell whether he's circumcised or not!


    Dear Norma, this is right up your alley;
    Go to you tube and listen to this:

    It is a comedy sketch called the salt and pepper diner, about these kid who play Tom Jones on the jukebox.

    If you do not laugh until you have tears running down your cheeks, I will give you your money back!

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