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    Wednesday, June 02, 2010


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    rotfl... and it was soooo good you didn't even get a chance to photograph it before the plates were licked clean.... I've been looking for some nice salad dressings to drown the bugs and disguise them. Chunky peanut butter in our house should help with that.

    In the marinade if anyone asks prob best to go about 1 part vinegar to 2 parts oil.


    I make a variation of this. Cut the oil and the vinegar by 1/4 cup each, eliminate the sugar and add 1/2 cup of orange juice. It gives the sweet/sour dimension without all that sugar.


    Yummy! Can't wait to hit the farmer's market this weekend for some local lettuce.


    That is the most beautiful lettuce I've ever seen. Beyond fresh, into a new dimension of YUM.


    Damn, Norma. I have garden envy.


    We've had a couple crops of Romaine and it makes the best salad ever. I can't wait to try your recipe. Not sure I want Smith to read your blog any longer. His garden is growing and I don't mean up.


    The dressing sounds great. It is very similar to one that I make for cold peanut noodles, except I think that I add soy sauce. Yum. Our lettuce is also in and it is GREAT. If I plant more seeds now, will it be too hot for lettuce by the time it comes up? I live in SE PA, and it is already 90. Is there any way/variety of lettuce that I could grow all summer? This is saving me a fortune in buying organic cleaned/washed baby greens.


    I am bowing so low before your mad gardening skilz that my forehead is touching compost. You rock the green stuff.

    Have you used those green cage thingies before? I've been debating buying some, but have been wondering how well they work.


    Still trying to absorb all those marigolds, eh?


    I'm dyin' with the giggles here, wha?? you expanding your garden? no ;^) and with Margene's comment about Smith. heee.
    pb.. yes, just peanuts and salt, stir until your hand cramps and your arm wants to fall off. or use a little hand mixer with one attachment. mmmmmmmmm. sounds delicious! thank you!


    I think I should take to reading your blog just before lunch time, to make sure I'm in the mood! Salad at 9 in the morning seems a little extreme, especially since I just had a perfectly fine breakfast.


    How many gardens does this make? LOL. I'm the same way. THanks for the dressing recipe!

    Are you growing garlic? We harvested ours over the weekend and I'm pretty sure you can smell me and my house from there! LOL

    Melissa G


    Seanna Lea

    Wow. Your garden is going great guns. Mine is doing the wibbly thing of not having a single spot that gets quite enough sun, but my tomatoes seem to at least be enjoying the rain.


    Marigolds make it Dave's fault because he bought them. I'm just sayin'...


    For some strange reason I read your post using an Eddie Izzard voice in my head. It was very funny.

    elizabeth a airhart

    9 57 almost time to get up marigold


    I am GREEN with envy!


    Just made some for our tea... kids liked it... have a large jarful in the fridge.. thank you... next time I'm going to try half the amount of sugar as we used normal peanut butter..

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