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    Friday, June 25, 2010


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    I do believe there will be flowers in my veggie garden next year...


    Everything in my garden seems to be flourishing this year, too! (Knock on wood.) Maybe Crap Weather is all in the eye of the beholder?


    Beautiful! Thanks for the reminder...need to pick up the marigolds! Have a great weekend Norma.

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Forget all those books on gardening - I'll use your blog as my guide to successful gardening. Thanks for doing all the testing and reporting your results -- your garden looks FABulous!


    It's great that the plants are working together this way.


    I have cucumber flowers and a few small fruit starting up. However I am distressed as I have not seen a single bee or bumble in 5 days now. I have seen a few beneficial bees doing all of the work. I hope the town mosquito spraying is not responsible. My property has been listed as a no spray zone though someone down the way is not. Arg! My tomato and eggplant plants have tripled in size over the last week. My Health Kick tomato in a pot on my front stoop is pumping out flowers and small green tomatoes like crazy. The collards that had sprigs or rosemary placed on them have kept the caterpillars at bay, but the ones whose sprigs have fallen have been chewed a bit. I went on a caterpillar killing spree yesterday. Fun times. :-)




    I agree...broccoli-yum. Also yum to cucumbers and squash. Thanks for sharing. It gives me encouragement to get up early on a Sat. and go to the Farmer's Market.


    Love the garden commentary! My tomatoes and cukes are thriving in this weather too. From your pictures those spots look like they could be almost like sunburn on the leaves, due to the wet then hot weather. The water swells the cells and the heat drys it up so fast that the cells cannot compensate and die. If you do think it's fungus you can remove those leaves as a preventative measure. (I worked at a garden center and I swear diagnosis was half the job). :) Good luck, everything looks wonderful!


    We have broccoli but our cucumbers are so small! The worst thing to happen, and it's VERY BAD, is GOPHERS! We're very worried about our little garden.

    Seanna Lea

    That is gorgeous broccoli. Some of my plants are being eaten by local wild life (I know there are rabbits in the area, though I haven't seen any in my back yard) - including the first tomato of the season!


    Oh, it all looks so MARVELOUS!!! Lovin' the embryonic cuke photo.


    I envy you your slug and snail free environs. I should buy stock in Slug Magic, if my yard is any indication.
    I, too, have broccoli forming, which is good, since I had hadn't labeled those plants and was wondering.
    Off to make your pickled beets now. They really don't have to be processed in a hot water bath?

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Our local paper today recommends Bounce fabric softener sheets as bug repellers in the garden and on the person. Gonna try it.

    Milissa Leonard

    I can eat beets, having done so once on a 3-day diet that was supposed to make you lose 10 lbs. But since that was the first and last time I've eaten them, (from a jar), I guess I haven't done them justice.

    I don't know if the farm below is anywhere in driving distance to your house, but the blogger for is having a contest and the prize is a mitt kit in a perfect red scarf red color, which made me think of you when I saw it.

    Jean E.

    Lovely broccoli. Do you have rabbits or deer to help you eat some of those yummy veggies?


    My cucumbers stink this year. Usually I'm canning quarts and quarts of pickels by now and nothing. Same thing happened to my radishes, however, I'm right there with you... I have broccoli too!

    elizabeth a airhart

    norma do you think you would like
    to sign up on the plants
    for the planet web site you love
    plants i put in my name- painless
    the list of names [and growing]
    are the names of the botony world

    the weather is so hot in my part of florida hope the storm goes far away from
    the oil spills plants for the planet bon


    I have a HUGE snake living in my cucumber patch. EVERY day he scares the SHIT out of me! Julie says he's good and eats bad pests, but I am worried about the big HEART ATTACK when I see him and worried that the neighbors young children will only know the F@#$ word that I yell every time he slithers by. Gardens..... not for the timid!!

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