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    Friday, June 18, 2010


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    I harvested ours all at once and made a scape-mushroom pesto. Sautéed baby bellas and onion, roasted the scapes with a bit of olive oil, and put it all int he blender with more olive oil, salt and pepper. So what if it was brown? It tasted like a little bit of heaven. I'd have served it up to guests, but it was nice to to have to share it with anyone but David.


    There may have been a warning about you in the Vampire Herald-Tribune...


    Rotfl at campaign mention... Ooops! Sounds yummy, am figuring out how to fit garlic in next year.


    Mmmmm. And from someone who had more than her share of falafel and cabbage slaw yesterday. . . I feel your pain! :-)


    Good thing it's not smell-o-blog, huh?


    This is what I've been's 8:30 in the morning and I'm dieing for some pesto. You have such a way with words...and pictures...and menu ideas. Lunch is a long way from now, sigh.


    Oh how I'd love to be your understudy in the garden and kitchen for a week or two! Yum!


    Must make a note to only visit after the garlic scape season is over.


    potent-bring-tears-to-the-eyes aftermath, eh? But no worries - you'll never suffer from worms! I forgot to plant the garlic last fall, so poor me - no scapes.


    I'm with Vicki on this one!


    I think I saw the same article that Gayle did. The local garlic lady gave me free scapes last week. Unfortunately, I'm the only one who will eat garlic in this house, so I'm using them up slowly. I wonder if I can freeze/dry them like chives to have a fresh garlic taste this winter. Will give that a try today.

    Seanna Lea

    Your garlic paste sounds really good. I'm not sure how to maintain the green color during heating. My gut feeling is lemon juice, which I used in a recipe with purple potatoes to keep the color from greying out. Unfortunately, I think it was a bit more than a squeeze to get the color effect.


    Oh, how I love garlic scapes and all things garlic! Your pesto sounds wonderful. I'm leaving on a trip to Israel in a few days and will miss out on the rest of the scapes this year.

    Becky in VT

    Thanks for the link! I get extra scapes from my CSA and I still have pickled scapes from last year. I was already thinking of trying to find a pesto recipes for this year's extras.


    We have garlic growing....and now scapes....I need to try something with them! thx for the post/ideas.


    Some of my bunching onions have scapes. Are they good too?

    And chickens, not being mammals, don't have boobs, just a (singular) breast/chest.

    elizabeth a airhart

    your very first tom collins really?

    i went by a restuant today sign outside

    come in and try our chocolate tuna fish

    makes a person head for the wine cellar




    There is a dietitian-farmer, Diana Dyer, in Michigan (I think) who planted some 6000 bulbs and is now going to market with scapes and getting ready for the garlic itself. She blogged recently about scapes.

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