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    Saturday, June 05, 2010


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    O.K. I'm ready to dig in!

    You know, we hot Canadians actually call it peameal bacon here - maybe because we already know it's Canadian?


    hmm.. I may even begin to enjoy eating salad at this rate... how's your knowledge on potato growing? Am waging war against left over potatoes that keep popping up. We dug down feet and thought we'd got them all, never again will I grow them in my raised beds. Pots are the best...

    Mary Fran

    People, that's not bacon. It's HAM. I always forget that when I go to Cananda and order something with bacon and it show's up with Canadian bacon (on a hamburger, yuck!). All in fun, all in fun.


    My grandmother used to make a German spring lettuce salad with a sweet-sour dressing and tiny little pancake-y dumplings. It was wonderful, but I never got the recipe. (Either the salad or the dumplings was called something that sounds sort of like "klace" - the vowel isn't quite right, but it's close. I have no idea how to spell it in German.)
    Kicking myself for never getting the recipe.//


    Our greens are starting to bolt due to heat, so I'm rather envious.


    I've got my "garden envy" fix for the day! I'm skipping the bacon though, what with being a vegitarian and all ;^)


    Throw some thinly shredded cabbage in the dressing and cook for five min and you have hot slaw, or pour it over thinly sliced boiled potatoes, toss in some sliced green onion and you have German potato salad, yum.


    Mmmmm, I'm so hungry right now and I want your salad! I always want your salads!


    Adding Canadian bacon to my shopping list right now!! YUM! Thanks.


    Yum, that sounds so good! Can I come over for salad some time? With a couple of hot Canadians on the side? :)


    I'm having this for dinner tonight with some local (less than a mile) strawberries. I can't believe the strawberries are ripe already.

    elizabeth a airhart

    whats for sunday dinner ma




    The bacon is so good because Hot Canadians have more belly fat.

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