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    Friday, May 14, 2010


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    toni in florida

    Not using her mind, indeed! Isn't that what (uninformed) people who work in offices think about farmers? Good for her doctor for recognizing that knitting is a vital part of her good health. And good for you for pointing out the mental aspects of the craft... although I'm a little surprised she hadn't thought of it herself. Talk about knitters undervaluing themselves and their craft!


    Norma, you aren't turning into a joiner, are you? hahahaha


    She could also listen to a book on an MP3 player WHILE knitting and then really blow her husband's mind!


    I just love the photos of the hands.

    I think your friend is just enough older than we are not to have been taught to overthink everything - knitting is just something she does, like breathing. Just as necessary, and certainly just as healthy!



    How very social of you! I'm glad to see your Corrugator back in action. Perfect social knitting, that one.


    Good to see you are knitting!


    "Those French Canadians". Dad (being FC himself) used to complain about the lazy FC framers he'd hire. But, most of the FC I know are busy people. Or at least wickedly anal. Friend's MIL, after returning home from an amputation at the knee as a result of a brown recluse bite (in Maine!), was found by family standing (one-legged) in the sink taking the kitchen curtains down to wash them. One can drive around here and totally pick out the FC houses (they are neat). And you know, people will tell you a story about somebody, and you just have to ask "is she French?". Why yes, how'd you know? Um....


    I read my kindle while I spin, does that count?


    That's my kind of doctor - actually he sounds like my doctor whose "prescription" for me after learning that I'd just been laid off from a job that was destroying my health was "Get unemployment. Enjoy the summer. Run barefoot through the warm grass until Labor Day." I did. It helped! :-)

    mary lou

    My doc is a knitter, maybe she'll give me one of those. My French Canadian grandfather never stopped working at anything and everything. Died of a heart attack, natch.


    Knitting has got to be better than crossword puzzles or sudoku, right? Figuring out some patterns definitely involves a mental workout. PS: Nice scarf. What yarn did you use? (Inquiring minds need to know!)

    Cheryl S.

    Great doctor - right to the point.


    I love those hands. Those hands know things.


    Sounds like a wonderful evening! Glad you are so smart and could tell her how much she WAS using her mind.


    Has her DH ever tried to knit? And I encourage the use of audio books while knitting. Doesn't exactly redefine 'multitasking', but does mildly qualify.


    Who are you and where's my Norma?!

    elizabeth a airhart

    delightful post

    what is the campaign all about


    love the hand photos and the list of things that knitters do!


    Love the hands photos.
    But I gotta know. What's the chicken picture in the basket?

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