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    Saturday, May 01, 2010


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    I'll bet he helps well!! You need a hole, Alpha? I'll handle that one!

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    I'm here, I'm here! Missed you this morning, but it sounds like you're really busy 'reconstituting' your laptop. I'm glad to hear that your cold frames survived the huge snow dump - a pretty good product endorsement! Mr. J always looks so alert and inquisitive - makes me smile.


    That's Norma, she just can't sit still during gardening season.


    22 inches of snow. It's still amazing me.
    It doesn't take a soft brain to do all that loading of the various soft ware.. or does it? Bobby does all that, it's his joy in life. Who am I to take it away from him?
    Yes, looks like some mighty cute help you've got there :^)
    we had a hail storm today, hahahahah.


    I read you on Saturdays.......

    Angie L.

    Setting up a new computer usually leaves me feeling homicidal, or at least wanting to kick the freshly set up thing. I don't have the patience, or greatest attention span. That Mr J is just the cutest.


    Gardening is the great stress reliever. Good for you!!!


    There are people who don't read on Saturdays? What, is it against their religion or something?

    I will have a mess of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants (I think) to pot up next week. And the peas are up! I guess I better go find some pea fence too.

    elizabeth a airhart

    my name is few how do you do


    Obviously, we read your Saturday posts too!
    What, you thought we were busy living large on Saturday? We ARE, but not too busy to check your blog, just in case you post something.

    Mr J, you are so cute...and so in charge!

    Linda M

    I'm reading :-)
    I say to myself the first time I sit down at my computer each day "I wonder what Norma and Mr. Jeffries are up to today?" and you two are always up to something interesting.

    Mr. J has just about convinced me that a five pound dog can have more character than many humans. Today's photo is the best in a long time.


    setting up a new computer is truly a daunting task. i don't envy you, but i do envy your green thumb!


    Loved reading your post as we(boys, Boston Terrier and me) planted tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, cucumbers and eggplant. Got some really cool collapsible tomato cages(green metal and SQUARE). Hoping they work. Got to say, my oldest boy(12) is in love with Mr. Jeffries and I am too. I don't think I have ever seen such a cute Yorkie. Where did you get him?


    I'm one of the few, (the proud, the... well, nevermind.)
    We only got about a foot of snow up my way. The worst damage I had was mashed daffodils - but I've seen a lot of trees down and/or broken.


    I have a question about the dog: does Mr. Jefferies ever look AWAY from the camera?


    Well, Norma, I as here early Saturday, but couldn't find you. So I planted green things, watered beds, and knit socks. Then I fell asleep in front to the TV, so now its Sunday and I'm hoping I find you again later today.
    Need my daily dose of Norma!
    By the way, I'll be at the NH Sheep and Wool on Saturday.


    Well, I read you on Saturday, but I'm commenting Sunday. I never fail to be amazed by the turbulence of the weather in the US - different all over the country, obviously, but turbulent everywhere, it seems. I think we in the UK have a much more predictable time of it, generally! And I wanted to thank you for recommending the Custom Probiotics yoghurt culture. I made my first batch yesterday, and WOW. I've had my fair share of bad homemade yoghurt in the past - you know, the kind where eating it seems like some sort of penance - but this is utterly, utterly *glorious*. Thank you!!


    Does reading on Sunday count? I've heard dire predictions of no tree fruit to speak of after all that snow. I hope they're exaggerated. Plants have a way of bouncing back, up to a point.


    I read on Saturday mornings, so I missed you. I agree - re-loading endless bits of software is a royal pain.

    Jean E.

    Good riddance, snow!


    I read on Saturdays (every day in fact). I read so early yesterday that I didn't see this until Sunday!!

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