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    Saturday, April 03, 2010


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    Sounds logical to me! :)


    Go, Norma, Go! I love to watch you garden.

    Well, I can't actually WATCH you garden, but I can look at your pictures. This is a reminder to take the camera out there.

    Lee Ann

    I'm so jealous that you have garden space. I have to wait a little while before I do the plant pots on our balcony, though, because I don't trust the weather. Get out that sexy tank top, Norma... :-)

    (formerly) no-blog-rachel

    Where ever they are, they probably are wrapped up in a hand-knit sweater...


    Enjoy the day Norma!

    Cheryl S.

    They're in the freezer, next to my missing vitamins.


    Um.... I've been sleeping with the bedroom window upon for a month *g* Wes is building our greenhouse, we're going to start seeds tomorrow. Yay!!!


    Happy gardening!


    We had that weather last week -- how odd to have 80˚... in March! There were a couple nights when having the bedroom window open did not lead to a cool room and several days when I had to close the windows to keep the heat OUT. Now it is back to somewhat more seasonal weather, which means I can still wear my wool socks ;-)


    I love your gardening posts!! My daffydild are all abloom, garlic is sprouting, hyacinths are all budded. In April!! In Maine!! Gotta love it.


    ooops... daffydils....



    elizabeth a airhart

    norma is planting bunny food

    they wait and watch

    they wait and watch

    good night


    Madman spent the day planting seeds like a ...well... *madman*
    First planting of peas are in, plus whatever a bit of anything that has a fighting chance of living through a frost.
    Gardening is such a wonderful gamble...


    Still looking for the pants? Check yer sweaters. ;-)

    Warm nights here in Ohio, too. I always have to get used to the deafening din of birdsong early in the morning, though. Yesterday, at 5am, my husband went over to the window and yelled "Shush!" then staggered back to bed...did no good...

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