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    Sunday, April 25, 2010


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    I love a good game of Spot the Yorkie first thing in the morning!


    He's awfully cute!


    Good grief but I do like Mr. Jefferies,he's got pazazzz. How tiny he is.


    Aw. He couldn't be any cuter.

    Susan B

    You could make a whole book of photos like these ala "Where's Waldo?" and call it "Where's the Yorkie?". He is so cute! His personality really comes through in the pictures!


    of COURSE he loves it out there! Mr.J is one brilliant little dude!


    Thank goodness someone is in charge of..., well looks like he's in charge of pretty much everything.

    Mary Fran

    We met a little Yorkie in New York City in Union Square, wearing an orange sweater. But he had these HUGE ears, almost like a rabbit. He was very kind to my fawning children. But the whole time, I thought, "Not only is Mr. J cuter, but his sweaters are much nicer than this."


    Mr. J has so much character! He's just a little charmer.


    Nothing like being in charge of all you survey!


    He is such a doll! Doggies are in control no matter their size.
    We're just starting our garden. Your garden is much farther along than ours and we're a little envious. At least we'll have some good veggies to eat as time goes on. Thanks for the inspiration!


    I am in love with Mr. J. The end.


    Thank goodness he's not compost colored or he'd be in real trouble.


    And here I thought he was Mr. J the Yorkie.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist. I blame the cuteness, for this and many other things.)


    The littler the creature, the bigger the personality, I swear. I have a 70-pound lab and a 6.5-pound cat; guess which one is the biggest character?

    Mr. Jefferies is positively adorable, though. He's made me seriously reconsider my normal dislike of tiny dogs. Mostly because he's the first one I've run across who's actually been trained to be a well-behaved pet, instead of rewarded for misbehavior, as far too many little dogs are. He's a total cutie!


    They do have a way of worming into the heart, don't they?

    elizabeth a airhart

    charming just charming

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