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    Saturday, April 24, 2010


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    Wow, that back 40 is looking mighty fine! My garden stud has been a no call, no show, and if I didn't need him so much, I would fire him! Out for a day of digging. Yours in horticulture, Judy


    My Madman 'built' a coldframe for us this year out of an old door frame and a couple of old windows - all free. So that balances with your purchased one... 8)


    My peas have evaded squirrel foraging so far (they've been busy murdering my tulips), and have just started peeking their heads up under the half-ass pea tepee I constructed out of discarded branches. Next year seedlings perhaps, or a cold frame for some in bed seedings. I just don't trust Boston weather, but I really really want tomatillos (which I can't seem to find as starters anymore out here)


    Lovely raised beds...I dream of raised beds...


    I bet those seedlings will perk right up. Things are looking up on the critter front here. Someone's cat has decided to hang out in our yard this year. We saw him catch, play with and devour a baby squirrel yesterday. All in front of the kids' swingset. It was like Wild Kingdom for the kids, who luckily take my Circle of Life view of animals. Just need to remove any lingering entrails before they play! Or perhaps hang them on spikes like Elizabethan London as warning for other squirrels!


    Lookin' good!

    mary lou

    I finally ditched some of those repurposed window coldframes. they are a pain to store and we just weren't using them enough. If I have to fuss to much, I just don't do it. Kinda like my hair. But we do have beans and chard and spinach coming up. Yum.

    mary lou

    that should be 'too much' sloppy typing.


    All you folks with gardens and your show-offy ways. It's 55 degrees this morning, so I'm not too jealous yet. I think I'm going to have to kick my planter-gardening skills up a notch this year.


    It may be time to teach that little man how to hunt squirrels.


    All my gardening is STILL INDOORS. There has still been a light frost almost every night. And drat it, I have had to re-pot.
    I did see a cottontail last night checking things out, though. Apparently everyone is ready for some greens in the garden.

    elizabeth a airhart

    happy gardening


    oh what a nice looking garden! enjoy the spoils! and i know it has nothing to do with this posting, but i saw "the hands"! because i live overseas, i don't get to see the ads except on your blog....but i saw one of the ads in the houston airport today and thought, "i 'know' those hands!" (i think it was houston.....been a long day)

    Seanna Lea

    My garden is still inside waiting for me to have more outdoor time available. This weekend was about finishing the path and cooking up a storm.

    My peppers still haven't germinated yet, but I finally got the strawberries to put out their first feelers.

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