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    Monday, April 26, 2010


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    I've never seen the potato in a bag thing before. That looks pretty interesting. Mr. Jefferies really eat asparagus? Does it make his pee smell funny?


    Looks like your garden is thriving. I put out 3 hummingbird feeders last week. Dale thought he saw one but I haven't seen them yet. Just like you said, though, that doesn't mean they aren't out there.


    You have been busy, Busy, BUSY out there!!! I'm planting potatoes in a trash bucket and tomatoes in recycled 5-gallon buckets. I hear the trailer trash look is a definite "IN" this year!


    I'm so sorry you have to share your asparagus. But, Mr. J is a man to share it with. We found Cherokee Blacks at our nursery. They had a few other heirlooms, but they were mostly picked over. We got some wonderful varieties to plant! Thanks for the inspiration!


    I, too, was wondering if asparagus also makes a dog's pee smell funny. Not that I'm expecting you to check. Although, Terrier Tuesday is but a day away!


    Thanks for the link to the Hummingbird migration map. How cool!


    Of course Mr.J loves fresh asparagus! I really like that flat feeder. Everything is looking good except rats and drats re: plums and summercrisp. and that neighbor boy.. I bet you're the most interesting neighbor he has :^)


    My grandmother once had a dog who ate all her asparagus and strawberries if she didn't get to them first. Picture an old lady and a little dog racing each other to the garden...


    According to yesterday's paper, the hummers returned to Ohio last week. I'm trying to find a good place to put a crook so I can hang a feeder this year. We had to have our big silver maple taken down over the winter, so now no place to hang one. :-(

    Does Mr. J like his asparagus with almond butter or just a spritz of lemon???

    Oh, and I gave my husband your email about the compost bins...he's mulling it!


    Ya know, the first thought I had this morning was "I wonder what Mr J thinks of asparagus". Thank goodness I can move on to other gripping questions, like "I wonder whether it will warm up or stay chilly today".


    The picture of Mr.J and the asparagus made me smile this morning, he's so intense. Thank goodness he's a small dog or there could be asparagus wars.


    Maybe the little pest-boy will be a great gardener when he grows up. I know I was a pest when I was a child. I did not like playing with other children, ever. I just attached myself to the most interesting adult and probably made his/her life miserable with all my questions or what's worse, with my silent staring. Oh, but I learned so much!

    PS All the little seedlings make my knees week with desire. I heart NY but I do miss my days of gardening in Puerto Rico and Oregon.

    Melissa G

    After several days of rain interspersed with a bit of sun and topped off with snow it remains to be seen if: the lilacs will bloom this year, the crabs will set fruit (I won't be devastated if they don't), the old parsley and chive seeds germinate.

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    My cat Ernie loves asparagus. He will beg and cry when he smells it cooking. (Same for broccoli.) He found his way into the compost bucket, though, and ate too many (cooked) asparagus stem ends, resulting in a UTI and a trip to the vet ...

    I don't have room to grow asparagus, probably a good thing, since Ernie would chomp on the stems as they came up.


    I'll be in the naughty corner if you need me. /ahem

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    Sorry about the second comment - did you bury those potato bags, or did you simply surround them with raked-up leaves?


    Not that it's at all relevant, but I had a Burmese cat who loved asparagus, fresh green beans and ...... Doritos! Loved that cat.


    Did I miss a post about the potato bag planters? Could you explain a bit more about what you did? Sounds like a perfect solution for my tiny yard! My tomatoes get planted in Home Depot 5 gallon buckets so that I can move them around if needed! Thanks!


    everything looks great! Here's a question....
    do you put the coffee grounds in the compost bin or just put them in the raised beds? The nursing home has been saving them for me and I get a huge dish bin full every day. Can't wait for them to be in the soil!

    elizabeth a airhart

    thank you for the maps

    according to mr hawkings your little
    next door boy could be an alien


    Hey, you're a Monday muser too! With pictures.

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