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    Thursday, April 15, 2010


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    Flipping heck !
    I think you need an alternative laptop and steno machine routine ! You know. Not put them down on the driveway.
    Sometimes I shock myself with the 'what was I thinking, or rather, not thinking ?' moments. It's from having too many things to think about and remember.
    Maybe a couple of quiet days in the garden will make things seem less bad. All I can offer is a virtual hug and some empathy.
    If it weren't for the bad, the good wouldn't seem as good.


    All right, all right, you pinko commie! (Or should that be, "greeno commie?"). I pledged to use my reusable mug, and even shared it on my facebook page.

    Thanks for the reminder, Norma. And, my condolences on the demise of your laptop.


    Ouch! Hopefully all the equipment is okay.

    Sounds like you need a day in the garden, that always seems to make you feel so much better.


    Oh no!


    Hang in there Norma. There are days like that. When something like that happens, I just begin to count all of the things that I do have: health, a family that drives me crazy, a supportive community, electricity, a car that functions, water that comes out of a tap, prayer, being able to breathe clean air, etc. It usually helps me.


    Wow, what a week! You're right, it sounds like someone/something is trying to tell you to go back to school.


    There are some days when I would like to take my computer, lay it in the middle of the driveway, and drive over it. Again and again. On purpose. I need a new computer, too. But for different reasons than you. Have fun with your new one! :-)

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    Terrible week. No doubt about it. I drove over my briefcase-with-laptop-in-it once, a few years ago. Now if I put things down I put them right next to the driver's side door ...


    Oh, Norma, so solly! That's a bitch. I seem to find it is a sign of acute depression when I no longer have the energy to curse. Please curse again soon.


    I can't tell you the number of times I put the stroller by the back of the car, put the kid in the car, and then either backed into the stroller or drove off merrily, leaving the stroller behind. Not once did it occur to me to put the stroller where I would see it. Not once. Ten years of kids in strollers and not once.

    I am so sorry about your equipment. Maybe the free coffee will sustain you through the long phone conversation with the Stenograph people.

    Becky in VT

    I hate terrible weeks. I hope the universe is done with you and that your equipment still works!


    Oh...crap... Sorry you're having such a lousy week. I hope Mr. Jeffries is pampering you sufficiently.

    Speaking of forgetting...saw my neighbor and a friend leave yesterday morning with their two babies in strollers...and come back an hour later with only ONE baby in a stroller. I realize there's probably a perfectly logical explanation, but I wanted to holler out the window, "HEY!!!! Did you lose something? Where's the baby?"

    Hope that brings a smile...

    Jenn C.

    Oh no! I never put my laptop down on the ground anywhere near my car because I would absolutely be the person who would drive over the bag, or drive off with it on the roof. I hope the steno machine is at least still alive when you get it running, and I hope today is a better day!


    Holy crap! My condolences on the death of your laptop...
    My Madman has killed many things by backing over them (Coleman lanterns do not survive being squished, for instance - he's done extensive testing) or lost things by setting them on the vehicle and driving away (brand-new emergency roadside kit, innumerable tools and travel cups, assorted groceries.) I've learned to check behind and on top of the car before starting it, just in case.


    Sorry! (I'm apologizing for my comment first!)
    Running over electronic equipment doesn't sound like a very green thing to do.


    mary lou

    Oh ouch. Plus, Starbucks baristas get health insurance. My niece got insurance for years till she found a full time teaching job.

    Cheryl S.



    Hah, Cheryl beat me to it, I was more than willing to fill in some swearing for you! and just fuck all.
    Hope your day somehow gets better.
    I will say this for that ad, all those lovely browns? I was charmed simply with the browns. xox


    I have a love-hate relationship going with Starbucks, so I hear what you're saying. My step-daughter and her husband live in Fayston, so I'll bet I've been to your Starbucks.

    I love Vermont!


    Forgot to offer my condolences for your equipment. I HATE when I do stuff like that.


    I'm sending good thoughts to your steno machine! My hearts in throat for you and I hope you can get everything working!
    Smith is going for his free coffee. He has a nice big mug. I stopped at the local drive through (Pin Up Girls, love it) and had a latte. Starbucks needs a drive through.


    OMG, last time I did something like that (dare I stay was because I was distracted by a good-looking man who has just finished speaking with me.

    Melissa G

    Step away from the electronics and go out to the garden for some D. Look at green growing things, play with Mr. Jeffries.

    Kathy Sue

    I am so sorry! But I think you are right--maybe this is a sign for you to move on and give law school a try.
    for now, take that sweet puppy out and enjoy your garden. It'll give you the oomph to swear a blue streak and get it out of your system!

    Elizabeth D

    Go knit a red scarf. Do not TOUCH anything electronic (unless your iPod will help).

    I am drinking my free coffee right now.


    Well Damn...

    You did put into the universe the day before that you didn't have Windows 7 yet, you gotta be careful saying stuff like that!


    Oh, honey, please tempted the Fates. They always have something up their collective sleeve with which to smack.

    I hope today is a better easier day.


    Seanna Lea

    I love my starbucks coffee, but I will admit that I am horrible about remembering to use my reusable travel mugs. I think there is a special training to get used to them and the difference in feel when you are used to a warm paper cup in your hands. My biggest complaint with so many of the mugs is that my hands get cold and my coffee seems to get cold faster, which is probably just a perception issue rather than reality.

    I personally would support them having a recycling initiative.


    Sorry things are so frustrating, hope they turn around soon!

    elizabeth a airhart

    well golly gee whiz aint life wicked sometimes -modern dad nab stuff


    You've had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad condolences! Cheer up...the weekend is almost here...please play in your garden or pull the covers over your head and sleep late if it's a rainy day!


    Ouch, ouch, ouch. I'd cry.


    The lesson, grasshopper, is to NEVER EVER sit anything on the ground behind your car. EVER.

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