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    Thursday, April 08, 2010


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    She's a beauty - and a wicked smaaaht one at that!


    Lovely! (everything) BTW - I have asparagus from last year's crowns!!!! I'm very excited. Thank you for posting about yours and making me want a bed of my own!


    Mmmmm! I can smell the basil from here! And I think every student needs glasses. . . for that "collegiate look."! 8-)


    As I sit here reading with glasses I can tell you that's true. Anything you can eat is cuter than kittens. Don't tell Chris I said that.


    She already knows how to work those glasses!!!


    Abigail is beautiful!!! Great pics!


    Blended bi-focals are the peak of human achievement...
    Love your photos!


    This is more a reply to the Wednesday post. About the lack of knitting---I am equally inspired by the gardening content. There are three raised beds in my back yard to attest to this inspired by you. I think Law School is a much better reason for glasses than my reason---old age!


    The basil seedlings and the girl are both pretty cute, but I don't know if they are cuter than kittens!! That would be some pretty cute stuff!
    LOVE the smell of fresh basil!


    Kittens are pretty darn cute, but these pictures give them a run for their money... not that kittens usually have much money. And those basil seedlings are too fabulous!


    She is a lovely young lady and I can see her arguing her first legal case, glasses poised.



    Seanna Lea

    I love my glasses. I remember when I first realized I needed them when I could no longer read the chalkboard from the front seat (as a nerd, I always liked sitting in the front).


    That second photo -- smashing! The glasses make her look like an attorney (and may very well save her life when driving).


    Great photos! What a lovely daughter you have.


    Oh yea, wicked cunnin'

    Somehow our basil seeds didn't do so well. They were the only veggies I planted, DH did the rest and they're fine. Oh, except for the blackswallow eggplant that took a dive off of the washing machine (again who put that there? it was me...) yet another year w/out one of my favorite veggies for the grill...


    I'm really partial to kittens, but those are great photos too.

    Planted some mesclun today.

    elizabeth a airhart

    a pretty girl is like a melody

    lovely old song-- and glasses!

    i hope you have enough to put one
    every where they walk away when you
    turn your back on them

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