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    Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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    I can confirm the July snow report. My dad maintained that he saw snow flurries in my hometown on July 4th many years ago.

    So I'm not surprised. It is only April, after all. :)


    If it wasn't you, I would not believe it.

    Mary R

    I heard on the news that northern Vermont was getting snow, and I figured it was the usual springtime inch or two. But you've got SNOW, girl!!!
    I guess that's New England weather for you.
    I hope it melts quickly.


    My. 1987 was the last time we had snow on April 27th. Got two feet. I'm glad you posted pix, otherwise, I would have thought you were spinning a Vermont farmer's tale.


    Ah. Fickle Spring. Strikes again. . .


    A foot? OMG. It's beautiful, though. And, of course, Mr. Jeffries looks simply adorable in his sweater coat. I sure hope he didn't lose his chicken in the snow.


    I wouldn't know what to do! Put the heat on?! Get some stew cooking?! Knitting?


    That's quite a storm. We're expecting one today, but it will either be rain or just an inch or two. Hope your garden survives and it is supercharged!!


    I actually remember about a foot of snow at the conclusion of my first year of college in May of 1978 in Ithaca, NY. I was so glad to fly home to Greece for the summer to get away from it. Fortunately most of what you planted is cold hardy. Let the melting begin!


    Oh, and aren't you glad you put up the cold frame??

    Connie G.

    Whoa! Even here in the South we have a chilly start to our morning this Wed., but NOTHING like that. Take a deep breath. Everything will be fine.

    Just to share, today's (Wednesday) Freekibble's trivia question is right up Mr. Jefferies' alley.

    Jean E.

    That is just crazy. I would love to know what Mr. J is thinking in that pic.


    Mother Nature is a mean bitch.

    Just sayin'.


    We've got a ton of that godawful white stuff, too, this morning. And it's still snowing hard.
    My sheep are not amused. Especially since we stole their warm wooly coats earlier this month...

    Love your birdhouse!

    Mary K. in Rockport

    OMG, indeed. Although I can remember snow in April and even May in the Boston area - not as much as you got, though. Here in Rockport, I heard the furnace come on in the middle of the night.


    Whoa! I thought Michigan was bad.


    I read a lot of your blog aloud to my husband who is an avid gardener. When I got home from work he was eager to tell me that you'd had a lot of snow. "That poor blogger in Vermont. She got a dumping today. I wonder how she's doing." I can't wait to show him the pictures. It's good to read how well you're dealing with it. Hoping you have some supercharged produce!


    Flipping heck ! That just not funny.
    All your seedlings...


    I'm from upstate NY and remember years when we would have wet, heavy, deep snow in late April and May. I also remember snow flurries when we were waiting for fireworks to begin on 4th of July in 1979. My father always said this snow was poor man's fertilizer and you are right, the plants would look great after the snow melted.


    I thought of you first thing this morning when they were reporting 20" in Burlington!Glad to hear it works in your favor.

    mary lou

    Hands over eyes. It won't happen here, it won't happen here. Heat is cranking in the radiators....


    Wow. We were cold here (Toronto area) yesterday, but cold in the way that I threw on a light jacket to go to work - the flip flops were still on the feet. Not foot of snow cold!
    Man, mother Nature's a bitch, isn't she?


    Whoa, Norma! And here I was complaining about the gusty cold winds this week.

    Nice birdhouse. It does look more picturesque with the snow cap on it :)


    WTF?! Attack of the Ninja snow!


    oh no!! your poor baby seedlings! oh, i feel your pain. i would be crushed, and I know i would have cried. would probably still be crying. spring snow is the worst. good thing you got that cold frame!!


    OMG indeed... good grief woman which weather gods did you upset? I guess it being that deep should protect the new shoots from any frosting.... least I hope so.

    I will sacrifice a few scraps to my new wormery to appease the gods for you... just don't piss them off again.

    Would it be mean to say it reached 20C yesterday, although we haven't had any decent rain fall all month. Which is weird, what happened to April Showers?


    One year, here in Colorado, the basil I planted AT THE END OF MAY got killed by eight inches of snow AT THE END OF MAY. I feel your pain.


    Holy freaking crazy... and I thought our weather in Delaware has been totally nutsy! You beat us by far.


    We woke up to 8 inches of snow last Friday morning. I thought we were through with mud season. Nope.

    I feel your pain.

    Beth Walsh

    And I can't believe that it is still snowing...I am ready for spring time...hope my lilacs aren't too shocked by the whole affair! Looking forward to our Maple Festival weekend of 70+ degree weather. :^)


    We got it on Friday and Sat (my LYS, in the forest 10 min east of me, got over 18"- broken branches and downed power lines and all that jazz) so I guess it just kept going East after it dumped here (Colorado Springs). Kids had a snow day Friday and we had to reschedule prom, a fundraiser, and an Earth Day trail clean up, and are having to add a few minutes to the school day to make up the missed time (no snow days left). Today is beautiful and sunny and maybe that last stubborn pile of snow on the shady part of my deck will finally melt.

    Katy (knitterpated)

    Generally I miss living in Vermont, even after 10+ years in MA. But today? Not so much. :)


    No accumulation in my neck of the woods, but there's been a few snow flurries this morning. I distinctly remember moving in a snowstorm on Mother's Day in the early or mid-90s. I am a bit shocked that I still have the heat on, but with the outside temp. at 37 degrees, I bet I'd be more shocked if it wasn't on. Weather!


    Thank goodness the little man hadn't packed away his winter wardrobe yet. o.O


    I just checked the USDA hardiness zone map -- you and I are in the same zone, cusp between zone 3 and zone 4. But we have 60˚ and sunshine this week.

    When my family moved from southern to northern MN in 1964, my gardening mother was appalled when there was a hard freeze every damned month except July. Mother Nature can be a bitch.

    Seanna Lea

    One my friends was visiting her family in VT and reported the snow too, and we just all had to shrug and go, "New England."

    I hope the more springlike weather returns soon, and that your garden won't have any lasting harm from the heavy snow.


    Absolutely amazing. I showed Bobby the photos, he asked if it was a joke, told him sadly 'no'. He was delightedly impressed with your garden though (showed him past post).
    Love the birdhouse!
    er.... did Mr.J leave his chicken outdoors? and if so... will the chicken be supercharged and all hopped up from the snow?
    Yes, you can smack me.
    I'm so sorry, the pears, the plums, and I'm hoping like crazy a good many plantings will survive.


    I heard about it on the Today show this morning. Holy shit. I can't handle any more this season so I just want to stay away from these parts. I am having too much fun breaking in my new Birkie's.


    Noooooooo!!! Guess I can't whine about the frost warning for tonight.


    That snow is utterly crazy-making.

    However, my favorite canine looks adorable in it.


    Yup. I took the boys sledding this morning. But now? It's almost all gone. It totally squashed down the chicken wire hats I have on the garden beds, though.


    Holy crap! How do you keep your sanity!


    OMG Norma that is SOOOO funny (at least it's funny that it is there and not here) At first I thought that you had posted pictures from last winter, and I did a double take.


    WTF Wednesday says it all!!

    elizabeth a airhart

    great pictures lovethe bird house

    i remember one july in new jersey when

    the crops were lost to freezeing weather

    you are right may will be a riot of flowers

    cool way down south

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    It started snowing hard yesterday afternoon but over here we only had about 2" this morning - a great relief since last night it looked like it would be As Bad As Yours. However, I haven't yet peeked under the branches I'd put over the lettuce seedlings.


    I can't believe it ! ! I did a double take When I went to read your blog. I hope all of your gardens will come out O.K.
    Also Mr Jeffies too nannyjean

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