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    Friday, April 02, 2010


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    Is it too late to nominate this for an Academy Award? Best Short Involving Dog And Chicken, I can see Mr. J on the Red Carpet now!


    Reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine, "F-ing chicken again?"


    Can't wait til my 9yo daughter gets home from school. She'll love it. (And ask for a tiny dog of her own. Hmmm.. maybe I won't show it to her.)


    "And he rain away with the chicken" doesn't have quite the ring as "the dish ran away with the spoon".


    Loved the movie!


    O-M-G, wicked! He has such a movie star voice! And where did he find the pint sized chicken?? Makes him look like the big man!

    Has he seen PBS's Natural History of the Chicken yet?????? It is one of my two favorite things that I saw last year (Star Trek being the other).

    elizabeth a airhart

    saturday movies it used to be lassie

    now we have mr jeffries


    He is most photogenic and quite an actor. I think he knows what kind of artist he wants to be.

    marie in florida

    Xcellent ! much better than the book !!


    I can see it all now...
    Bring Me the Chicken II - Dust and Spit
    Bring Me the Chicken III - Return of Foghorn Leghorn


    Bravo, Mr. Jeffries!!!!! Now casting Wilbur in the sequel, "Where's Spidey?" ;-)

    Kathy Sue

    His little bark sounds like the robot dog in the original Battlestar Galactica! He seemed to not appreciate being asked for the chicken more than once!


    You are a film star mr. jeffries! whoo hooo! Can't wait to see the sequel: Bring me a squirrel.


    It's true! The ending was quite surprising... some may dare to say shocking!! ;)

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