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    Thursday, April 01, 2010


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    Along the same idea Gardener's Supply has these:,36-629,default,cp.html

    I may try one and see.


    you can also do it in coffee bean burlap sacks -- which hold up and you can reuse them (and often you can get them for free from your local coffee shop). pretty awesome all around, especially if you uh, forgot to prep the space for your potatoes and can't plant where grass was last year.


    Very interesting... Certainly worth an experiment. Thanks!


    I love this grow bag idea!I'm thinking it might be fun to try with tomatoes and potatoes!!


    You might remember we used cardboard boxes last year for planters. They have decomposed nicely and this year we just have to till them under a bit. We had to do *something* with all those moving boxes!


    Norma, I freaking love you. My backyard looks like trash already! Time to get some potatoes out of that Sanford and Son mess. Hell yeah!


    Smith is thrilled and we might end up with bags all over our patio! yikes!


    As a renter who does not have access to gardening space, but who does have a deck that gets sun till early afternoon, you have done an excellent piece of public service this morning. Let the neighbors grow annuals, I've got other ideas now!


    Fun idea. I got a little lost in that DIY site and just resurfaced :)

    Have fun with your girl today.


    Oh wow! We have been doing potatoes on the grill for a while now and when the kids had a harvesting field trip and brought back home-grown potatoes it was clear they tasted we can do it without a garden plot.


    Yet another project for this spring. We grew a few last year in a rubber tube thing, but this sounds even better. It's already 50 here, and sunny to boot. Hurray! Have fun with Abigail. Becca arrives for an overnight on Saturday. I'm thrilled.


    I've been telling people this for years and then tried a bag last year just to prove it. It does work but I get bigger potatoes from the garden bed. I think that's more due to irrigation though. Don't let those bags dry out!

    elizabeth a airhart

    put a garlands of ivey in your hair

    and off you and abigal go to shop

    in other words have fun-good night


    "How to Grow Cucumbers in Your Purse"--


    Perhaps will try this in a deer free area.

    xoxo Kay


    Have a blast with Abigail!


    My dogs were totally freaking out listening to Mr. Jefferies barking-apparenty, he doesn't want to share the chicken!

    Seanna Lea

    I love the idea of growing them right in the bag of soil. I'm still trying to figure out what part of my yard actually gets 6 hours of sunshine. My choice last year was obviously incorrect, because while I did get some produce I didn't get much.

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