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    Friday, April 16, 2010


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    Yeah, yesterday I set off for the big shopping spree without my bank card. It's been a year since the last time I set off at least half an hour from my house to shop without the card. Am always vigilant to check for the card. So vigilant in fact that yesterday, as I got on the bus, I totally believed that I had my card. Cause, you know, I always check before I leave the house. So I must have it, because I always check.

    4 hours later, after the longest 45 minute errand of my life, I'm reminded, again, to always check. LOL.


    Check behind your car before you drive off!!! This comes from a person who has up to now driven twice over the lawnmower(lawnmower seriously hurt - car okay)and my briefcase several times. Now I check every time before I get into the car.


    So glad your info was salvageable! I hope that when the other shoe drops, it's a soft fuzzy slipper. :)

    Ashley Langley

    I am SO glad you got your data back. I think you should have saved the carass though.....done some exotic computer taxidermy and displayed it!




    Both shoes dropped already. Driving over laptop was shoe number one. Backup laptop not working perfectly was shoe number two. Both shoes have dropped, move on, nothing to see here. Life is good.

    Well.... except for this freaking snowstorm that is not only STICKING but ACCUMULATING!!!!! My poor peas.

    Lori on Little Traverse Bay

    Oh my gosh! It is SO easy to back over something. You set it down in the driveway to load it up and remember you need to grab something else, and voila! Catastrophe!

    We haven't driven over anything in a while, but a summer or two again my husband drove off and left his trumpet (which he needed for a performance) sitting in the road in front of our house. Luckily it was discovered before anyone ran over it!

    Glad you recovered your data and that you aren't forced to become a lawyer just because your Steno machine was fried, ha! ha!


    Glad to hear a spot of good news in all the breakage. I would totally be the person who backs over my stuff, except that I always back into my driveway. It makes it easier to get my gym bag and computer into and out of my car, and I have to walk past them to get into the driver's seat, so I'm unlikely to forget anything. The rest of the world thinks I'm smart and organized - HAH!!! I'm just full of little tricks like this to keep myself from total crazypants idiocy!

    Elizabeth D

    Well, you drove over two things, so maybe that counts as both shoes at once?

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    Hurrah for computer magician friends! So glad your (back-up) equipment is working. If you enjoy the CART work, I hope you can continue as long as it's fun.

    Becky in VT

    I'm sure driving over a laptop is just as easy as:
    driving away from the gas pump with the fuel tank cap on the roof of the car
    leaving the driveway in the morning with a mug of tea on the roof of the car
    leaving a purse on the kitchen counter when going to work

    Those three are just a sampling of the things I've done. Haven't these people done anything like this? Geeze!

    (but I could recommend leaving things on the roof of your car instead of behind it - although maybe the fall would be worse then the squish)


    It's always something, but you'll survive whatever the next thing is, too. It's such a relief to hear you, your steno and your computer are alive and well!

    Seanna Lea

    Wow. I'm glad that you were able to get your information from the old computer. This entire thing makes me glad that I don't drive/have a car, because it greatly reduces the chances of it happening to me.


    Hopefully, that WAS the other shoe. Good luck today, Norma!!

    Angie L.

    Thank Goodness for data recovery geniuses!
    One time I put a pair of boots on top the car, and drove off. One blew off some where on the freeway, and the other got wedged in the roofrack. It would have been less traumatic if I lost them both, they were so nice, ah well. I also leave the house in my slippers, lock the keys in the house(and the car), leave the coffee on top of the car. The way I justify it, is if I'm not running important shit over, or leaving it on top of my car, or leaving the house in states of partial unintended undress, then I'm not busy enough.


    You're not alone! 9 years ago I drove over my beautiful little silver Samsung flip phone. It was embedded at the end of my gravel driveway. Left it on top of the car.

    Glad you were able to get the data off the computer.


    lmao. see that sign every day. sorry to hear your laptop committed suicide by jumping in back of your car. bastard! hope you have better luck with the next one.


    Woo Hoo!


    If you can handle it, today has a photo essay (16 photos) from PCWorld on laptops that have come to a very bad end. (

    You might feel better about yours after you take a look at what happened to some of them. The last one might even bring a smile to your face.


    You are right... it's just way too easy to screw up.... so quit asking for the other shoe to drop! Glad the guy could save some of your stuff... and good luck getting it all back together in a new laptop you hadn't planned on buying.


    So Very Wonderful to have a Freakin' Genius Friend! so glad that things are not quite as bad as they seemed..that info has been recovered.
    I'm playing catch up. xoxoxox

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