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    Sunday, April 18, 2010


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    Hi Norma, looks like you had a fun day out and the frittata sounds delicious. :)


    You have awesomeness happening in your garden! Awesome!


    We've got one pea up. Despite the snow.
    I'd planned to finish weeding the asparagus bed by now, but every time I have any time to do it, it's either snowing or raining. *sigh*

    Jean E.

    Glad you had a fun day! Great pictures, too.

    Melissa in El Cajon

    You make me laugh. I like that.


    I've yet to plant my peas...sigh. But the new perennial bed in the circle by the driveway is ready for planting, and there are strawberries to transplant elsewhere. I was going to put in another pyramid bed for them, but I'm thinking not, as the last took 28 bags of dirt, and there's plenty else to do.
    Any chance you'll be coming to Cummington Sheep and Wool? It would be great to see you in a less frenzied atmosphere than Rhinebeck. Try to put the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival on your radar, too. The first year was great, and I know there will be even more vendors this year.
    Happy Gardening!


    You are the Garden Queen...that's all there is to that.

    Cheryl S.

    Home grown eggs! Yummy!
    I have little baby pea plants, and even tinier lettuce sprouts, but not much else.


    Norma, you just have to give peas a chance.


    So glad your week turned around with a fab trip & visit.


    Wow! I feel famous. Hope my niece is reading your blog today Norma. Morgan, are you jealous???
    Great day despite the rain. Thanks for the visit.


    What a fabulous day!


    What a wonderful day! Wish I could've joined you all. :)


    OMG...fresh asparagus... Last night, I was at a Ukranian wedding, and one of the appetizers was an extremely spicy cold pickled asparagus. The first bite was breathtaking...after that, it disappeared quickly. Yum!

    elizabeth a airhart

    the gardens of earthly delights

    thank you

    hgtv new green house for 2010 is on tonight

    out on the cape durie really knows gardens

    2745 readers !


    There's nothing in the garden centres here yet. They must be so upset at missing the sales.

    Seanna Lea

    Those must be the best phallic objects around!


    ahhhh, aspermagus. my favorite veggie!

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