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    Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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    Ah, like father, like son~! :) (Love the photo shoot!)


    Mr. J, your dad is a handsome man, but he's got nothing on you.

    Lisa H.

    Sandy said just what I was thinkin' - Like father, like son!


    I'm impressed that the minion is still in one piece! :-)

    Mary Fran

    Love that he's following in his foot? hand? paw? steps...


    Norma -
    Are you losing posts? I swear I read one yesterday, and now it's gone. Saturday's is missing too....


    I saw a post on Bloglines and then poof! it was gone.
    Was Norma being naughty?

    This post is hysterical!


    Handsome paws, handsome faces!


    I see a whole new career out there for you!
    Imagine how many treats you can buy when you have your own bank account!


    Awesome paws - wish I could keep a manicure like that! And Papa Ryan - so COOL!!


    Like father, like son.


    To hell with the dog! That boy is CUTE!


    Your Dad is so cool! Can you have someone paint your paws?


    Lovely should that be handsome paws?


    You're better looking than your dad, Mr. J. You keep improving your paw shots and you'll be giving him a run for his money.


    Megan Fox has ugly thumbs? That can't be...OHMYGOD IT'S TRUE!


    What a sweet face! Mr. Ryan has sweet hands, too... (wait, that didn't come out the way I meant.)


    You're a cheeky lad Mr.J! xoxoxox


    Oh, you are such a cutie, Mr. J. And your dad isn't half bad either ;)

    Tressa in NC

    Mr. J., can you get one minute cuter? You're a Rock Star, boy!


    That face!! And Ryan's not bad, either.


    Such a talented family.


    LOVE THIS POST. too funny. you're awesome.

    Seanna Lea

    Mr. Jeffries, you are so darn cute!

    Victor would love to be a paw model too, but is resigned to be a butt model.


    I LOVE Terrier Tuesday! Mr. Jeffries is quite the cad!


    Mr. J tells all!

    Cutest little mug.

    elizabeth a airhart

    lil ole pudding pie here
    she thinks jeffries is the cutest hands down

    i think alphas blog has been hijacked

    its sugaring time up your way march is here


    Ha, ha... at least you don't have to make too much money given the small amount of dog food and treats you consume... your work ethic is going to have to improve if you want to keep up that fancy wardrobe, though.


    Your blog is always so good. You have the best wit and I always enjoy the read!


    Oh, this is just too funny! Mr. Jeffries is quite the model! I will remember "practical man" in case my WAY less than "practical" husband and I ever jump the pond.


    Dang...I missed Mr. Jefferies post I posted old news!

    Tiny Tyrant

    Love Love Love Mr Jeffries. He even beats out my Scrat the Brat and Cliff the Mutt on the cuteness level.

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