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    Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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    Mr J, tell A.Alpha she should get you your own Kindle - it'll be much easier for you to turn the pages.
    She could even knit you a backpack to carry it in...


    You are a Dog of Many Talents, Mr. J!


    Mr. Jefferies might be the most talented (and over indulged) Yokry in the world!!


    Mr J, as always, you cut right to the chase. Probably with a little tug-of-war thrown in. If the fashion police ever raid your neighborhood, you'll be able to bark at them with no fear of arrest!


    Most Excellent, Mr.J! (not to mention your A.Alpha is Most Excellent also and Clever!)


    Ah, thank you, another book for my queue.


    Bravo Mr. Jefferies, I would love to see you in your Starmore inspired coat and tam. Tell A Alpha I just finished my first Red Scarf in a garnet yarn, handspun from Coopworth and alpaca. The pattern is from the Yarn Harlot's one row scarf. It reminds me somewhat of the Corrugator scarf, which I think I will try next. Maybe in some handspun Shetland wool. What do you think?

    Seanna Lea

    I got a postcard about this book this weekend, and wish I had found an excerpt to read. Time to go back to the S&S site and see if there is a bit to read to whet my appetite!


    Dear Mr. Jeffries,
    Excellent first interview. I am sure that A. Alpha's pride in your accomplishment will result in her producing yet another stunning sweater for you to model for your rapt audience of followers.
    Hope the marrow bone was good.


    Mr J, you are one very remarkable guy. And I think you would look smashing in a Starmore design sweater! And if anyone can pull it off, A.Alpha can.

    Angie L.

    Seriously, you outta have a column in the Times. Very, very clever. Even my husband reads Terrier Tuesdays, and he is not a blog reader(unless it's about electronics, cars, or other dudely endeavors, insert Tim the Toolman Taylor grunt here). Hope A.Alpha knits the fair isle sweater for you soon, with the tam of course, I bet you will look adorable.


    Thank you for the recommendation Mr. J. I just put the book on hold at my library and am third in line for it. I look forward to reading it.


    Any dog who uses words like dysphoric can wear anything he wants. Thanks for the book review! A sweater-impaired knitter such as myself probably needs it.

    elizabeth a airhart

    lil ole pudding pie just loves

    well read educated males

    you can knit her a teeny tiny bikini

    love crafty males my alphas yarn overs
    are a diaster can you help her

    lil ole pudding pie woofs you


    Thanks for the tip, Mr. Jeffries. I just picked up the book at my local B&N. And IMO, you could definitely pull off a fancy sweater like that - in fact, it's probably a necessity for those trips to NYC. Tell A.Alpha to get busy!


    Hi Norma , I'm Carrie from Jax, Florida . beetlejuice on raverly . I just added you to my blog list. I have not been reading any for months upon months. Found your link in Claudia's blog and came on over. Thank you for being you it helps the rest of us be us!!


    Norma I think that this was one of your BEST posts EVER. It had everything: dog, knitting, and books. Love it!

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