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    Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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    Mr J, it's nice of you to keep him entertained so *he* is staying out of A.Alpha's way, as well. Good job!


    I do the same thing. When the girls are being particularly vexing I give out a nice chew bone and I have several hours of peace. I'll be soooo glad when they can go outside for a few hours, they love to people watch on the front porch and that keeps them busy and happy in the warmer months.


    Sounds like Norma is the smart one. She buys a bone and it keeps you and David out of hair!

    Wanda in AR

    I agree, Norma is the smart one. 1 toy you both are out of her hair.


    Norma's got both your numbers... lol


    I love how you indulge David! So generous of you!


    LOL!!! Wilbur likes to entice us to chase him with one of his bones/toys and try to take it from him. It's a huge game for him. Then he'll actually let us take the toy - he knows we'll give it right back if he sits, and he wins in the end. He gets both the toy and our attention - a doggie daily double! Love the psychology of dogs...


    Mr.J, your A.Alpha is most clever, 1 marrow bone = 2 males out of her way. :^D

    Seanna Lea

    I haven't tried the marrow bones. Are they truly the best? Victor loves his rawhide bones, but I'm not sure that they keep him preoccupied for quite that long!


    Putting in a DVD works for husbands too (less annoying button-pushing) and I got most of a waistband knit while sitting in front of "Three Days of the Condor."

    elizabeth a airhart

    my paws are hurting out shopping

    for easter hats this afternoon

    my alpha says she will get me a bone

    like yours keep me from chewing

    on her friends ankle bones or something

    lile ole pudding pie woofs you


    Mr. J, Please tell this vegetarian what kind of bones to buy for my little rat terrier -- what do I tell the butcher at the supermarket to give me so I get small ones like you get? Thanks, Buddy's alpha.

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