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    Monday, March 29, 2010


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    Ryan's hands are also shown on page 2 of this Sunday's "Parade" !!!
    Those hands get around !!!


    I hope the new garden stuff works out for you. Vine borers--boo00ooo!

    Yeah. Just gotta love it when they try to pretend that two ridiculous, outlandish extremes are the only options.


    That's for the coupon tip! I need a new pair of garden scissors and maybe more....

    Mary Fran

    Yes, I do what little I choose to do and I'm sure I could always do more. I mean, I always bring my own bags to the grocery store. So why, oh why, do I always forget when I go to CVS? Luckily I carry a tote bag purse and most of the time my purchases fit in there. We use stainless or Sigg water bottles and drink filtered tap water (the horrors!). I love that my town makes recycling a piece of cake. Hmm, I need to get a refillable iced coffee mug from Dunkin Donuts though.


    You are quite knowledgeable in the garden area, my dear. I'll just have Smith call you to help him design his garden. It might be several large pots, but you'll know just what to do.
    Ryan's hands are amazing. That boy is quite the star.


    There is so much wonderfulness to comment on in this post, but I thought I would just mention something for what it is worth (perhaps little?)

    Norma, all of your eco friendly ideas are simple, realistic and fabulous and, like all of your writing, logical. But I am one of those who believe that for some, global warming has taken on religious overtones. For example, I was at a cocktail party where I was asked if I had seen Al Gore's movie and I replied that I hadn't and that at $10 a pop I actually didn't see too many movies. I was immediately chastised by the Global Warming zealot and I was furious because this woman lives across the street from me and watches me drag my washed and sorted recycling to the street every week. She actually says that, being a corporate lawyer, she doesn't have time to recycle but she wishes she did!! Hello! On the way home, I told my husband that I was seconds away from asking, "Do you know Jesus as your personal savior?" Just to bring an end to the discussion. We all know THAT'S a cocktail party conversation stopper but apparently being chided about one's green activities is not.

    I do worry that your terrific ideas -- like reusable utensils! -- sometimes get brushed aside because of a climate of "climate change religious aggression." (I just made that term up, of course.) In reality, as you say, there is so much we can all do and after all, some of us of a certain age (I'm 48) remember talking about reusing, recycling, cleaning up our lakes and rivers, etc. since 1970.

    Keep up the good fight, Norma. You are doing a great job!


    You forgot about communicating by yodeling! I wouldn't want to give up my electronics or the internet.

    Have a good day, Norma.


    It is amazing how hard it can be to get checkers to use your re-usable bags - makes checkout stressful for me! I think the benefit should be obvious, even if you have a non-environmentalist viewpoint - fewer plastic bags filling up all the drawers and corners of the house! And I can commiserate about the squash bugs - last summer I was pulling them off by hand every day. Hope this solution works for you!


    de-lurking... or maybe I have before to say I'll be watching anxiously for your results with the zuke nets. I too would LOVE to have an overabundance of squash. Instead I have Sunchokes coming out the wazzoo. Why oh WHY couldn't it be squash, or taters or asparagus instead?????


    Love the blog link.
    Most places here won't give you a plastic bag or will charge you for it.
    One big chain grocery store opened a store near me a few years ago and there is no plastic sold or given there at all. They do sell reusable bags (made from recycled plastic water bottles) and bins. You don't even get a sticker put on large items.
    A friend of mine was very surprised when she went to NYC for a shopping trip and found plastic bags in abundance. She was not asked if she had her own bags, which is standard practice here. She got a funny look when she pulled out her reusable ones. Are our southern neighbours a wee bit behind on this?

    As for gardening: I was a little too excited at the possibility of Live Growing Food in my backyard again and I've planted way more seeds than I have available garden space. Uh-oh.


    I didn't read through to see if someone else already mentioned it, but speaking of Ryan's hands...I saw Ryan (and said hands) on the inside cover of Parade magazine in the Sunday paper. We even got to see his face!


    I'm sorry...Ryan's hands...remembering that post of several weeks ago that got some people all up in arms (no pun intended...) and laughing hysterically once more.

    Am waiting for "mud season" to end here in Ohio so I can get out and do some gardening. Maybe later this week...


    Love the rant. Madly, deeply, truly. ;-)


    I love the canva bag I got for shopping at my local coop. Works great, won't end up in the trees. Such a deal!


    Great post, great links! and thank you (personally) for the end rant on #2. you know what I'm talking about. Had to run and grab the Parade and yep. there he is!
    Wishing you the very best with your zucchini harvest this year, I'm hoping to hear some really good bitching about the abundance ;^)

    Seanna Lea

    Gah! There aren't enough hours in the day. I didn't get any of my seeds started and if I wait too much longer I will have to just start them right outside.

    This is why I bought plant starts last year. I'm a gardening noob. :P

    My husband and I went for a long walk during Earth Hour, mosying through the dark neighborhood and passing all of the well lit houses and sticking out our tongues at them (well, at least I did).


    Thanks (again) for the head-clearing rant and links.

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Thanks for the tip about Gardener' that catalogue.


    I love reading about your garden! The sunniest spot in my yard is near the house and covered with landscaping stone. Last year I experimented with growing veggies in large containers from your favorite gardening store and the result was great...just enough for me & some to share. Its still too muddy here to do much gardening, but seeds have been started.
    At our local grocer, the checkers are great about using our shopping bags, but will often ask if I want my items double bagged with plastic to keep my shopping bags clean!


    You can send your extra zukes to me. I'm not going to have room to grow them this year in my little veggie garden. As for Them, I'm proud to say I spent my lunch shopping for compost bins, trying to decide if I want to buy one or make one and procrastinating calling my condo association to see if I can even have one. I'll call later; I'm not ready to give up my dream of making my own compost yet. It's the simple things...


    I understand perfectly what you mean about the guy checking you out and not understanding that you had a bag already. What picks at my last nerve are the people who see that I buy mostly organic and then tell me how they would buy it except that it is too expensive. I get really, really, really mad when people say how expensive food is when in reality it is very cheap. They won't pay a dollar more for a cauliflower but think nothing of spending $65 on a new game for Nintendo or $200 for a coat or $40K for a new car that they then trade in for a new model in a couple of years. Nevermind all the other expensive toys they waste their money on. A friend of mine sees nothing wrong with spending over $300 a month on his cable bill just so he has all 500 channels, most of which he doesn't watch anyway. This is food we are talking about, the stuff that nourishes our bodies and helps us live longer. I would rather eat well and live longer than buy all the latest gadgets that sap our energy and end up in landfills in a couple of years. Then there is the cost to the environment and indiginous people of the countries that now grow your grapes. Food is cheap, what happens to the earth in order to produce that food is what is going to cost us in the end. And to global warming deniers I just usually say that maybe there is no such thing as global warming but wouldn't it be nice to breathe fresh air anyway? *sorry for the rant but I'm very passionate about food*

    Jen M

    I ordered a 3x6 grow bed from Gardener's Supply after reading last year how much you like yours - will be interested to see how the insect cover works for you. And so excited to see Ryan mentioned in Parade Magazine in Sunday's paper as a hand model - I think I yelled out 'I know him!'.


    You have to ask for plastic around here and they charge extra for it, so most everywhere we go it's habit to take our own bags and be expected to have them at the stores.

    The net sounds awesome, but mostly the pruners! Stuff like that gets me totally excited and gung ho to get out into the garden.


    meh I meant to plant my onions today... now you reminded me... TOMORROW.... sung Annie style...


    In DC you now have to pay a nickel for every bag you get at a store, even something from the corner bakery. The money goes to a fund to clean the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers, which makes me almost reluctant to bring my own bags! Still, I do, because those nickels do add up.


    Ooh - I hope you have fun with the new gardening gear! Sounds like fun... I can't wait to someday have my own mini garden!

    And I know how you feel about the bag thing. My SO and I ALWAYS have reusable bags with us and people just stare at us blankly. I have always blamed it on the people here cause I live in the middle of the US. But if it happens to you in VT!?!?! Yikes! Sad. But we'll get through to these people some day1


    Good for you! I always make sure they use my re-usable bags and make a point of telling them I hate plastic bags. Most checkers agree with me and it's so nice to see the trend of re-usable bags finally catching on here.

    May your zuks and cucs flourish and take over the village.


    Maybe try diatomaceous earth on the garden beds? Not sure if it would help against borers though. I hope you have tons of courgettes this year!

    elizabeth a airhart

    all i want to do is recyle me


    I've had the same problem at Lowe's and the clerk actually told me that Lowe's doesn't want them to use the customer's reusable bags. I hope that was an excuse, but who knows?

    Jenn C.

    Drat! Wish I had seen these coupons on Friday when I placed a big order for Gardener's Supply! No matter - I'm still working on selling my husband on the raised beds, so I'll save these for when I place that order.

    Norma, you have inspired me to try a garden again after a terrible crash and burn a few years ago. I'm trying to remind myself to keep it small and ease into it and not get myself completely overwhelmed like I did the last time. I really hope it goes better this time!

    Question - if one's yard were, say, less a lawn than a green space full of painfully invasive weeds, how would you go about dealing with the area beneath where the raised bed was going to go - dump the soil/compost on top and hope the weeds can't get through, put down the landscaping cloth to try and keep them out, or something else I'm not thinking of?


    Ryan's hands! Wow!


    Ryan's smiling (and handsome!) face is also in Parade. I try to use my reusable bags every time and have been known to just leave stuff in the cart and load it in the back of my car if I've forgotten to bring the bags in. I've been reusing my paper grocery sacks for 20+ years (well- not the same ones obviously!) and I used to get really strange looks. I even had a bagger refuse to use them (I don't know where these have been lady- I ain't touchin' them) so I just told him to step aside and bagged everything myself. (The real irony is that this was many years ago when we lived at Ft Leavenworth and the commissary on post used prisoners from the military prison as baggers for vocational training. He lived in the federal pen and didn't want to reuse my paper bags?!) What really drives me crazy is when the cashier asks if I want a bag and then puts the item in a plastic bag after I've said "no, thanks". They usually look startled or offended when I take the stuff out and leave the bag on the counter. :)

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