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    Wednesday, March 10, 2010


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    Thanks for the reviews Norma! It's always good to hear an unbiased opinion.


    Great idea. Thanks for the wonderful reviews.


    Hurrah! Our own Consumer Reports, Vermont Edition!
    Thanks for your brave product testing!


    And some To-Go Ware is already on its way to me! At 6:30 in the morning!


    I was reading your last paragraph about the SB Diet ("No, but really I do love it. Really.") as the picture of the glass with a lime in it came into view. My first thought was that the diet had driven you to a Gin and Tonic. Of course, then I read on and found it was merely soda water (or was it?).


    I wish I'd heard of to-go ware when I used to leave the house to work. It would have been perfect!

    I'm still thinking about the seltzer thingie, how did the syrups work?

    Good luck on the dieting!


    Thank you, Norma! This was all excellent information. I love your straight-up reviews.


    Thanks for the reviews! I tried South Beach and hated it as I was always, always hungry. Now I need to opposite of So. Beach.
    My lunch sack is the Whole Foods back that Oprah bought for us when you were here. I use my Rubbermaid food containers to carry lunch everyday. We must save the planet one person at a time. ;-)


    Which yogurt starter formula did you use?


    When you said this was post was product reviews, I was hoping you would include a review of those special sneakers you bought last year. How are those working out?


    Thanks for the reviews!

    Would be nice if you got some kickbacks from them too, eh?


    More questions to answer (please): Are you still making the yogurt in the crockpot? I tried this and was not happy with the runny texture I created - though I did use non fat milk. Are you using whole milk? We eat a ton of Greek yogurt (chobani) and I have run out of uses for the little plastic cups. I would love to find a way to make a replacement. Which starter are you using. Sorry for the pesky questions, but I again feel encouraged to give it another shot.

    Jean E.

    I've been wondering how the soda machine worked out for you. I might give it a try; I love my fizzy water!


    I tried South Beach years ago and lost about 1 pound. Isn't it more for people with extra weight around their mid sections? That's not me - I'm a pear. I just need to exercise more... and eat less (and better).

    And we agree on the SodaStream! I bought one for work since we all like seltzer. I have one at home now, so does Barb, and Emily just ordered one. All because I read it here. They may end up paying you something someday, because any smart business these days has Google Alerts running. Maybe your free cannisters are on the way...


    Fantastic! Love the follow up, Norma.


    Good to know on all items! I had to check out the snack taxi products, thinking surely one could make those, and sure, if you could find fabric lined with coated nylon, snort.


    Thanks for the reviews. It's always good to learn what people think of all the stuff we can buy to save the planet. It's nice to hear ahead of time what really is a good idea.


    Thanks for the follow-up on these items. You're right, I often wonder how things work out with the things people buy. Too bad you got no compensation or consideration ;)


    The SodaStream is intriguing as I tend to drink more water if it's "interesting" even though I don't like soda in general. The problem is counter space...

    BTW, Ryan's hands were featured by one son's 4th grade teacher recently. The kids begged her to forward the pictures home to them, under "Never Wash Your Hands."

    Glad your elbow is better. I've always heard a plateau is an opportunity to try new things.


    I'm absolutely charmed by the bamboo to-go utensils! Must order some. (And. . . I could never do without carbs. I'll just have to keep working out, I guess.)

    Seanna Lea

    I have been really tempted to buy the yogurt culture, but I seem to go in waves of making and eating a lot of yogurt and not eating any for a week or two straight. I think for me it has to do with the quality of the batch I produced (my last batch felt really watery).

    I want the bamboo utensils. Even if I just bring them to work and use them for my lunches it would be worth it!


    Thank you for these reviews! Too bad you don't get anything for them other than satisfaction! I seriously doubt I could ever do the SB diet.....I love carbs way too much! Too hard to get some of the other things overseas....the seltzer machine sounds great, as does the yogurt..... :( Thanks again!


    Well, now that was a fun post! I love the Soda Stream almost as much, though DH is the one who is really gaga over it. In fact, he loved it so much that we got his parents one, and they use it for scotch n soda every night! I do need to get back on the yogurt train and might take your advice and just order culture... waiting for my old batch to get to the right stage to make a new one has led to repeated failures. About dieting... yeah, it's easy to stop keeping track. Don't beat yourself up if you have managed to stay on a plateau; the ultimate goal really is to eat in a way that maintains a healthy weight. I am in the same boat... need to bump it up a bit, both in cutting down the calories and amping up the exercise, since I lost 5 pounds and then plateaued.

    Purl in the Rough

    I second the thumbs-up on the To-GoWare. They are terrific for travelling, of which I do a fair bit.

    I haven't tried home-made yogourt yet. It seems like an awful lot of work, though, and I'd be afraid of poisoning myself with a badly-made batch. But, with the amount of yogourt I consume, maybe I should give it a try.

    Thanks for the follow-up reviews.


    And how is it going with the sprouts? Is the kit still working out for you?
    I need to get a Sodastream, as my husband loves seltzer water. Thanks for the reviews!


    You ate a banana?!

    I am shocked. :p


    Great follow-up. I should do more South Beach for the heart-healthy part of things. I just can't do without those carbs and I get awfully nervous when they say you can't eat fruit. What? It's fruit for pete's sake! I've loved the homemade yogurt but we just don't eat that much of it. Same for the seltzer but maybe it would be a good gift for my sister...

    Jean E.

    I tried the maple syrup on my yogurt this morning. It is awesome!!


    Which Soda Stream did you get? I'm thinking of getting one here too. :)

    Angie L.

    Thanks for the reviews, Norma. I've been thinking about trying the sodastream since you mentioned awhile back. I'm also curious about those workout sneakers, do they really work the thighs and butt? As for diets, just the word itself makes me pillage the fridge, it's something psycological. Just the thought of restriction makes me go overboard. I have to keep telling myself to eat healthy, and not eat too late at night(major bloating issues next morning, yuck).

    elizabeth a airhart

    are you going to feel all better now

    thank you for the review would your newspaper like to have you review products
    or the tv news they might they just might

    Anita D

    I ordered the To Go Ware when you talked about them in an earlier post. I take my lunch to work every day, and they are just great. Still need to try to make yogurt as we eat so much of it.


    See, I have issues with a diet that makes fruit the bad guy.


    We've had our soda stream machine since October and it works great! My only complaint is that we got the 60L size, and have to refill more frequently. Overall it is fantastic!


    After reading about your bamboo utensils I picked up a set at Whole Foods. It is a different brand and the fork is less sporky. It didn't come with the nice holder but I feel better about all the plastic I am not using.


    Thanks for the reviews. I have a sandwich wrap and a bambook spork that I love. I just picked a tiffin from To-Go Ware and just got it. I ordered it from One Small Step ( along with an Ecolunchbox. I wanted to get some stainless steel containers to use instead of plastic. I can't wait to use them! I figured they would be good for the days I want more than a sandwich or use it for a "doggie bag".


    I do appreciate the follow-up as well. I haven't been blog reading lately, but happened to take a few moments to read yours today and saw this post. This couldn't come at a better time. My company is going green and got rid of their disposable cutlery. I should have been bringing my own, but now this forces me too, which is a good thing. I was going to just buy some at the store, but I like the bamboo cutlery. I may have to buy two. So thanks for the recommendation. I didn't even think of it, but now I will buy this product. Yay Norma!

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