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    Saturday, March 27, 2010


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    This is hysterically funny! You've made my night.


    Isha juss luuuufffs youuuu Nrmmma.


    I was soo concerned - I noticed some typos and then misspellings and then I realized you got me!


    I was laughing right up to the part about the weirdo keeping her lights on. Really? Turning your lights out for an hour is now left wing? I think *I* need a drink.


    Too funny! You actually looked like you were blogging from an iPhone, drunk.


    LOL, thanks Norma. Great way to start a weekend.... with a good laugh.


    Drunk Pocket blogging? Funny!

    Erin N.

    Hope you feel great this morning!


    Good chuckle this morning, hope you aren't feeling any ill effects today, but if you are, I'll bet they are worth it! Particularly like the AC & SP comment--right on!


    At least it was a regular keyboard, and not the steno machine. We'd never have figured out drunken steno...
    Thanks for the laugh to start my morning!



    Breathalizer bowling - a new sport?
    We can think about what the rules might be when we return to the dark ages this evening.


    How can one be so witty after several glasses of wine? Thanks for making my morning!


    Here's hoping your head isn't too big this morning.
    I'm stoked up on drugs and still have a glass or two of wine many evenings. I'm under the influence all the time, but not as witty as you. :-D


    Haha. Hope you're feeling OK this morning, Norma!!


    The Morning After:  Ohhhhh, my headddddddd.


    I love the wine talk! As for today, hair of the dog, Norma, hair of the dog.




    Oh, Norma, this is hilarious!


    Norma, you are just the best.


    Thanks for a good laugh this morning!


    I love it and hope there's a nap in your plans for today.

    CaroleP (ohio

    Thanks Norma -
    You certainly made my day!
    Are you going back to the same place tonight? Oh my! Hope you are feeling better by now ;-)

    Rachel Evans

    ROFL! At least you're not suffering a Right Wing hangover. That's when you wake up and realize you shot your mouth off the night before.


    Thanks for the great start to my Saturday! Hope you're recovering well, but don't go into recovery, because one day we have to have a drink together! Too funny!


    OMG I just understood the name of this post, blogging under influence.

    Rhonda from Baddeck

    This is hilarious! I bet it was one of the most difficult posts you ever tried to write -- even if you were 'intosicated.' Hope you're feeling better today - you brightened mine!


    hilarious! You are brilliant, even under the influence. thank for the laugh!!!


    Yeah, go bowl that Breathalizer now. Bet you get a strike ;)


    You are hysterical!! I'll bet you had fun writing that one!


    Heee! laughing and spewing throughout.
    Right Wing Hangover... snort, thank you Rachel E! Norma darling, I hope you're napping now and then when you get up again the headache will be gone, hell, I hope you feel like you could do a repeat this evening :^) (even if you don't actually do a repeat)

    Barbara M.

    Dear Mr. Jeffries,

    Is that your favorite hand model who is featured in the Parade section of the newspaper today? I am so excited! I feel like I know the terrier of a famous person!


    Barbara M.


    rotfl...... soooo tired after three days at craft show.... thank you for making me laugh


    Too funny!!!! Have another glass of wine!!!!

    elizabeth a airhart

    this reminds me of the old myrna loy and
    w powell movies and asta the dog

    13minutes to lights out


    lmao..I really need to come here more often..Now this is good humor..Sure hope your head didn't throb too badly the next day..)

    Stephanie Beard

    This is too funny! Thanks for the daily happiness!


    how delightful.. thank you, thank you


    I'm in class right now reading this (bad ass that I am) and I so just want to LAUGH LOUDLY! You crack me up! I hope you are feeling okay this morning! :)


    I was like man, Norma didn't use the spell check. Thanks. This is good stuff.

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Classic! Save this one for the anthology.


    LOL - sounds like a good time was had by Norma! I don't get all this reactionary stuff about earth's one frigging hour of suggested it or don't do it people - but for goodness sake, I can think of MUCH MORE USEFUL things to get all uptight about. (or, since I appear to be all uptight about it after all..maybe I can't... ;) ) Your comments were completely entertaining - especially the plastic bag with Sarah Palin.... good on you!

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