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    Thursday, February 11, 2010


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    It frightens me that the dog is smaller than some of those skeins...


    Heh, I read that comment. If you were to go "family-friendly" all of a sudden, I think I'd worry. In fact, I'd take it as evidence of alien abduction.


    Made me laugh, right OL~! Almost pffffted my faux keurig latte all over the computer!



    Family blog? Family blog? #lame

    Mary K. in Rockport

    My two personal NY favorites: scene - family pet at the computer - "On the internet, no one knows you're a dog," and, scene - two snails talking - "I know she's a tape dispenser, but I love her."


    What do you mean weather permitting? Road's open, get in the car and drive girl!!!!


    Small dog, big yarn.

    Have fun with AnnaMarie. Wish I could be there...


    Your stash is so pretty!


    "You're so great, and funny! And I thank you so much for making your blog hilariously funny for the 48 year old woman who doesn't particularly want to go to work this morning but will now do so with a smile on her face!"


    That is one of the prettiest pictures I've seen in some time! Beautiful colors of yarn, a cute dog and the sunshine!


    About your #5: OH, YES!!!!

    marie in florida

    oh, so that's where my knit gauge is ! Mr. Jefferies took it and hid it in your basket; along with some of my yarn and my sunshine. Nice job; pup !


    Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning! Wait! I forgot to gather the children to read with me! Fuck! I always forget that. BTW, my pet peeve, facebook or otherwise: LOL. Why? Because I am cranky. Why can't they type ha ha or t.hee like a normal person? (-;
    p.s. love your blog. Never miss an episode.

    gale (she shoots sheeps shots)

    Hey Norma, the hashmarks make tweets searchable by subject on Twitter, it's not just an affectation. Then you see tweets on the subject not only from people you follow, but everyone who tweeted on it and used the hashmarker. Go try.


    ####Family Blog! Huh. I am so glad you are not a family blog. Reader beware, and all that jazz. Thanks for the laughs, and thanks for not being PG-13. I outgrew that about 45 years ago.


    Gale is my nerdycommenter hero. Does Mr. Jefferies know he is part of the stash?????


    Seriously, family blog? If they can't take the heat get out of the
    kitchen. ### whatever that is....


    #Love it! Thanks Norma!


    #family blog my right foot. If I want family friendly I'll go drown myself.

    That is the best photo ever. I can see it as the cover shot for "Mr. Jefferies, Stash Wrangler -- tales/tails of a Yorkie in Vermont.


    I read through the comments because I *knew* someone would tell us what the hashmarks are used for. #Go Gale!


    Mr Jefferies needs his own calendar for 2011! It would be a big seller!

    Melissa in El Cajon

    You make me laugh. I love to laugh.


    I' trying hard not to be super-crabby this morning. The cartoons helped. (The weather panic leading up to last night's 1/2 inch did not.) Thanks for the "stash with Yorkie" still life, #very cute.


    Love the picture of your stash and Mr Jefferies being stash guard dog. Too cute!


    Don't think we're falling for the idea that that is all your stash either... nice try Norma!

    Andrea (@shutterbitch)

    If you stop swearing, I'm fucking leaving. :)

    Mary Fran

    Love, love, love it all. Especially the guard dog.


    #I have two dog friends on FB, and if I can get back there I will for sure be looking Mr.J up.
    #drool. yes, indeedy. that's a LOT of gorgeous fibre!
    #family blog... ok, so this might be a bit revealing but I DO consider your at least my family... friendly. I'm a firm believer in teaching proper the fine art of swearing to the tender young members of my clan. you know, 'when,what,how, why, and where'. Just one of my grandma duties I take to heart ;^)


    #fuckthatshit ha haha #ifuckingloveyoudude


    Because the internet is all about unicorns and rainbows and all that family-friendly stuff. (And why is it called "family-friendly"? The family that reads blogs together ... um ... is way too close to one another huddled around the computer screen.)

    No, I don't get the family-friendly blog designation at all either.

    Cheryl S.

    I'm peeing myself over Kristen's comment.


    Family friendly?! Why would anyone read a family friendly blog? Talk about a boring concept. Then again, it's been all about the lube on my blog this week. YMMV ;^)

    Love the doggie, but he needs more yarn.


    Srsly?!? Kids reading knitting blogs?!? They should be playing outside and walking a mile in the snow to school.


    I started out not having issues with #, ended up a little irritated with it. See how you influence lives??

    MrJefferies obviously knows where his sweaters come from.


    HA! Nope, I won't come back if you're family-friendly, either!
    That guard dog has me shaking in my boots...
    (he's such a cutie!)


    What is this thing "family blog"? I don't understand. Currently my family (that is those beings currently living under the same roof as me) equal: 1 daughter; 3 cats; 1 dog who thinks he's a cat; 2 degus who think they are buzzsaws; a few half-dead plants; at least one honking big spider, and an army of ants that have become immune to ant poison. I'm kind of certain my family wouldn't care if you swore in 13 different languages. Come to think of it they can't read anyway, well except for the daughter.

    Diane H.

    #stashguarddog ... I think I love you. Mine only guard the cookies.

    #WTF on the family blog? Bring back the snatch and breakfast wrap discussions...if you know what I mean and I think you do.
    Consider changing the name of your blog to NowNorma'sKnasty to give them a clue: #Assholes.


    This entire post made me laugh - but the last part with the picture of the StashGuardDog definitely topped it all!


    Weather permitting?! Hahahahahaha! I have 5 feet of snow on my deck and can't see out of the windows because of the piles we have had to make to get out of here. We have dug out one car and need to find a space for the son who is on his way from Virginia and will be here in an hour. And did I mention that there is 5 feet of snow on the ground?! That's a lot of volume when you are digging out the space of a car. They said on the news that since this is a heavy snow (I will vouch for that) that each shovelful weighs about 25 pounds. I HATE snow! And so does Petey, the cockapoo, who at 18 inches tall is finding it very hard to find a good place to pee.

    Carol Cousins-Tyler

    That picture makes me want to steal your stash and your guard dog, too!
    Thank heaven you aren't "family friendly". I wouldn't enjoy you as much if you weren't "real" folks.


    love stashguarddog.

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