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    Saturday, February 20, 2010


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    That's pretty much what I think of postmodern literature, too. But I like the commercial...


    I have been under a rock... Well now, Mr. Old Spice, your horse shore is purty!


    F-ing brilliant, Norma!


    I LOVE the ad - but do you think it would get my 13 year old to stop using Axe? He goes the whole route, with bodywash, deodorant, and shampoo. Sitting in a closed car with him is torture...


    I do live under a rock... the only time I see commercials is when someone shares - this one is a riot.


    Also living under a rock, thanks for the link to the televised world. I'll be chuckling all day!


    I'm loving that commercial! Hilarious.

    And he does get on a horse,doesn't he?


    Lots of rocks out here in blogworld. Thank you for the laugh out loud!!! Love it. I guess not Tweeting leaves me out there.


    I too am under a rock. Interesting commercial... Think I'll watch it a few thousand more times ;->

    Cheryl S.

    Another rock person here. Loved the commercial.


    Add me to the rock pile.... but that's pretty clever.

    Another Joan

    Another rock washing coffee off the monitor!


    There is no "now look at your man" because my eyes are riveted! Rawr! And I will take the tickets to that thing I like with him.


    I haven't seen those ads. LOVE. THEM. Must put Old Spice on my shopping list...

    elizabeth a airhart

    oh well girls night out around here


    I discovered that commercial yesterday and I sort of love it.

    Laurie Assid

    I had a wonderful belly laugh over this whole post! Thanks.


    Love the commercial... but oh baby, Shaun White. didn't catch him on Oprah but did catch him winning the gold and YES, that 'not right now' moment was The Best. but then I've quite the penchant for a redhead with the long hair and big smile. who can fly.
    Brilliant post, Norma :^)

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