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    Wednesday, February 03, 2010


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    Interesting about the aspirin - I would have thought that doctor was nuts, too.

    Maybe your migraines are caused by cleaning? Reason enough to put a stop to it...


    Just do me a favor and don't take an Advil at one of our fiber-y gatherings. Mmmkay?


    I got rid of all the Farmville and such, but the urbandictionary meme was fun for a day. I was undefined. ;-D


    Ok, I HATE FACEBOOK. Yes, I am on Facebook. I recently unfriended some of my relatives due to their lack of judgement (or should I say class). Anyhow, I let my grandchild use my laptop and my daughter said, "Mom, what is that on the side" as my grandchild is playing a Facebook game. It was an invitation to join a lesbian dating site. NO, I do not have anything against lesbians, I have friends who are, but damn, it's hard enough for a single lady my age to get a date without making people think I have a different preference.


    If you want a good, deep belly laugh, look up Jill. Ahem.

    I had not heard of SABLE before, but will now be using it regularly.

    I'm totally LOST too. Have a great one, Norma!


    Holy Crap - I've got to go figure out how to shut of those game updates on Facebook. What a freaking bother. Off to input Patty...and yes, we're LOST too!


    OOOH! MY almost afraid to start a facebook account. SABLE I'm not sure I'm there yet, but pretty close. The aspirin sounds similar to one they are trying for peanut allergies. Small controlled exposure over time. Sad to say I'm not LOST.

    Diane H.

    Interesting about the aspirin. Glad to see that you've survived!
    Facebook - the jury is still out for 54 year olds in the Southeast!
    I'll have to try "ENOUGH" with one of the dogs around here - thanks for the tip!

    Oh, and thank goodness that you have SABLE and I'm not the only one... just sayin'.


    So many interesting points to this post - but I'll comment on the last one. How Scary and what a PITA. I'm sorry you have to suffer your headaches and can only take something to relieve your pain with fear and trepidation.

    OK - wait - I have to add another comment. I did the name game yesterday and my definition was fine. But my husbands? WOW! Check his out while I blush.

    A man who is incredibly sexy, but also funny. He tends to be a girl's dream guy. He's also really good in bed. He is such a gary in bed."

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Interesting about the aspirin and ibuprofen. I just could not make it through life without ibuprofen. How did you start with little doses of ibuprofen - did you take Children's Advil?


    Add me to the "I Hate Facebook" list, especially Farmville. The list of things I hate seems pretty long this morning (Wednesday is trash day = get up early, load trash in car, drive 3 minutes, unload trash, hope no one notices my early morning dishevelment). It's a hard life I lead.


    Dear Norma: You're a real Annie! (see meaning 3 below) Love, Annie
    1. annie
    greek name: (meaning) gorgeous, kindhearted, rebelious, gentle towards others.
    The dog was walked by an Annie, that gave him delicious treats.
    2. annie
    An exclamation of beauty and wonder
    Check out Maddie, she's a real annie.
    3. annie
    the coolest and baddest motherfuckin bitch alive. she is known for being fierce and independent, she will kick your ass.
    That girl is an Annie.

    Lynn in VA

    Have your tried Aleve? It's a different compound entirely. But you still might want to go sit in the emergency room the first time you take it if you decide to try it.


    lmao at Annie #3.
    I've been staying away from Facebook lately, such a time suck and I don't have the time to be sucked.. er... that came out odd.
    Aspirin is my 'go to', I know you'll take great care, I'm glad to hear you're able to take it now, cautiously. xox

    Teresa C

    I agree with all of it re: FB. I have done a few memes, but most of them that tell me that "92% of people won't repost this....." UGH. Count me in the majority.

    Hey, I wonder if your cure will work for strawberries......

    Cheryl S.

    Ads? I don't see no stinkin' ads. Must be because I use the Adblock Plus plugin for Firefox:

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Comment the Second: Have you seen the new "New Yorker" cover?


    I hope you're feeling better today. Yay for Mr. J! & you, of course.

    Your whole stash? Oh, bless their hearts. How sweet.

    What's facebook? :p


    I'm glad for you that Aspirin is beginning to be possible. There would be serious hardship in this house if I couldn't use aspirin or ibuprofen. It's the rare day I'm not taking one or both.

    Seanna Lea

    I have hidden all of the game announcements, because they are boring and pointless. Heck, some of the games my husband plays on FB don't even involve any interaction after an initial mouse click. I don't need FB to be bored out of my skull after all.

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    "I said one word to him: "Enough!" and bam. No more barking."

    Oh wow. I so wish that saying "Enough!" would work when Ernie is meowing his head off. What a great dog Mr. Jeffries is. I was impressed with his report yesterday.


    I can't tolerate ibuprofen; it causes me to get ulcers. But I can tolerate Aleve. I don't think they have a child's dose of that, though.

    Does rubbing an ointment on your painful areas help? I've had good results with Myoflex which is basically aspirin in a cream formulation. Don't know if that would be less risky for you than taking tablets.


    Thanks for the aspirin info - do you have a link to this regime? I have been allergic to it for 20 years or more and I still really miss it.

    I tried Aleve at my doctor's urging, but had to take benadryl with it.


    That's good about the aspirin, in case you ever feel a heart attack coming for FB, well I spend too much time on it, and hate the same crap you do about it, but love being able to be in touch with fam and friends that aren't bloggers...


    Interesting about the Advil. I get the same itchy feeling, but only from regular coated tablets, not from the liquid gels or generics, so I thought it was just the coating on the brand name pills.


    Excellent news about the NSAIDS. Hope they take care of then tendinitis and any other little aches and pains you might accumulate.


    I admit it, I'm hooked on Mobsters2:Vendetta on facebook. I love that stupid game and it sucks so much time I have gotten rid of farmville, farm town and mafia wars...

    I am no longer allergic to insect stings and bites to the extent I was in my 20's but have recently developed a reaction to sulfites (no white or rose wine for me) and many food additives. Our bodies change constantly and sensitivities do too.


    Oh, please tell me how to adjust the facebook settings I don't have to see all the farm animals my "friends" have gotten and how many whatevers "Sue" needs to get to the next level on Mafia Wars! I have searched the help pages and tried to adjust my settings, but I don't see anything that seems to apply. How did you do it?

    Full disclosure - I HATE facebook. But since so many of my friends and family post photos and other info on it, I'm a reluctant user. Really, I just feel superior since I have Ravelry to waste all my time on and all those poor non-knitters have to make do with facebook. (-;


    Great post!

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