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    Friday, February 05, 2010


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    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Am I first? really, I'm first!!?
    (I guess sitting 18" away helps keep one on top of the posting)

    ps It turns out Mr Jefferies is as cute as Norma's been saying all along.


    That dog sure has the cute look down. "Cock head just so and snap!"

    That sweater looks so awesome on you! I kind of want one now too...but two parking tickets in two days have sapped all my yarn-buying power for a while now.


    Lucky Gale! Lucky you!
    The colors of that sweater were perfect for you. You couldn't talk Jill into the joy of knitting another one?


    Wonderful smiley picture of you. The colors and style of that sweater are the best. Get on it....


    Man - I wish I were there too! Such fun we could have. Have fun and hope you don't get too much snow!


    That sweater is SO you! Not haggy at all! :D
    HI GALE! Have loads of fun!


    You look fantastic in that sweater! And Mr J so happy to be sharing the daybed with Gale!


    You look fantastic in that sweater! And Mr J so happy to be sharing the daybed with Gale!


    LOL. As I was looking at the first pictures I thought, "Hey, that's my bed!" But I'm very happy to share it with Gale. And Mr J.! Wish I could visit.

    Oh, and that sweater? Definitely a must knit (for you). I hope your tendonitis is getting better.


    Gale is lots of fun - enjoy!


    Mr. J is made to be photographed! The sweater is so perfect for you! I love the idea of the yarn doing such wonderful things with color!


    Great Pics. Sorry that I could not make it. Hubby is KILLING us with orders. 168 cases weds, 162 thursday and 100 today in NY. UGH. I am beat.


    That sweater is gorgeous! What's the pattern, I think I might actually succumb finally to some sweater making this year.


    That sweater looks great on you and I love, love, love that color!


    Thank you, Norma and Gale. I had so much fun. My cheeks are hurting from all the laughter.

    The sweater really did look great on you!!!! Hmm....what happened to the other


    That sweater was MADE for you! I can't believe you have to KNIT it. Would make a great Rhinebeck sweater for 2010...


    I have a feeling you two will be like a whirlwind through VT. You really should knit that sweater right away. It's your colors and it's gorgeous! Hi Gale!!


    How fun! (Hi Gale!) Norma, that sweater is PERFECT -- I don't blame you for wanting to buy the model, but I think you'll enjoy the knitting.


    That sweater DOES look gorgeous. Hey, maybe if yours ends up not fitting as perfectly, the LYS will swap?

    Have fun with Gale!


    Love the sweater - beautiful picture!


    For the record, I didn't know you were offering to BUY the sweater! I thought you were planning to STEAL it! (That's why we ran you through the "sample detector" on your way out the door... and lucky for you, it didn't buzz!)

    It did look great on you, and I can't wait to see your own version of it. Get those needles crackin' lady!

    It was so great to meet Gale, see Joan and hang out with you guys last night. Next time though, I will have to get a traveling manicurist to tend to our Vermont hands. I mean really!


    Gorgeous photo of you, Norma!
    It is a Fall/Rhinebeck sort of sweater - so you have a little time to knit it.
    I think the colours match Mr. Jeffries too, so if you have leftovers...


    Helloooo Gale! You lucky woman!
    Rats. because that sweater does fit you so very well and the colours are GORgeous! Here's to cranky tendonitis clearing/healing soon!
    love that photo of you, what a smile!
    I guess Joansie let the cat out of the bag.. surely we'll get to see what else came home with you? hee.


    If you were one of *those people,* you would have simply walked out the door in the sweater (sorry Jill!) and told them "your people" would take care of it later. And then you would have climbed into your bright yellow hummer with the shiny spinner wheels...


    I think you'll have a grand time knitting the sweater! That yarn looks like fun.


    Have you noticed ... those colors would coordinate beautifully with Mr. J. Just sayin'.


    That sweater is just perfect for you. Great color on you, and you just look so darn cute in the picture. Glad Mr. J is enjoying the company-he sure is a charmer!

    Mary Fran

    Looks like so much fun. So, I get Real Simple magazine and a couple issues ago, I'm flipping through and I see a picture and I'm all "Hey! That's Gale!" And then I stopped myself because it's not like I've ever met her or even conversed with her. But, hey! She's famous. Which makes you extra cool.


    Gail, you look so beautiful... Norma, you are positively glowing... what else can I say? How about "shut up and make the sweater, Norma, you know you are gonna love it to pieces!"

    Cheryl S.

    That's exactly how I felt about the Shauna sweater. It would have been so much easier to just buy the sample! But we'll be proud of them when we've knit them ourselves.

    Tip: Measure EVERYTHING on that sample - sleeve length, body length, etc. Just in case there's any slight difference from the schematics.


    Oh, what a beautiful sweater and it is definitely in your colors! I think I'm a bit late to the party......but great haircut too! Mr. Jefferies looks a bit too cute if you ask me!

    Tressa in NC

    Hmmm, makes me wonder what you two are up to??? Ready to talk?

    Seanna Lea

    That is a gorgeous looking sweater on you. The colors really bring out some extra color (which, if you are like me, you can use in the season of snow and more snow).


    That sweater is perfect on you! Can't wait to see the one you knit.


    That sweater looks FANTASTIC on you. And how lucky to have Gale in the house!!


    More more thing -- that is THE best picture of you -- I love it!

    elizabeth a airhart

    nice to see good friends being so happy

    a great group of bon vivants


    Lovely photo of you. Please use it for your Facebook photo -- I don't think your current one does you justice.


    oh man, I wanna play!


    Damnitt! I almost called you last night, but didn't want to be a bother. I could have talked to (you and) Gale!

    The sweater looks great you and that is a fabulous photo of you! You must be doing something right because you look amazing.


    kelli ann

    that sweater is just perfect for you Norma. Great photo.


    This sweater looks fantastic on you! and you, you look absolutely beautiful. Keep doing whatever you're doing!!!!!!


    great pic! what a fun girls day!! That sweater looks great on you! having knit it already myself last winter... you'll luv it!

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