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    Friday, February 26, 2010


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    Mine says 213, too, and my blog-i-versary is June 26th. Do you think the number 213 is somehow connected to Lost?


    Happy Blogiversary Norma!


    I also prefer the blogiversary spelling, for the same reason you do. Not that there's much consistency in English spelling, but still...
    A counter that doesn't count is counterproductive, somehow.


    I always prefer the original Norma, no artifical anything and always spicy!


    Love the Piknik/Picnik/Picnic photo! I think I'm going to require all my photographs from now on to be soft focus (phocus?). If you squint a bit, you DO look like Angelina!


    I dumped the blogiversary button some time ago and meant to send you an email. Too bad the site died. It's hard to forget our blogiversaries as this is so much a big part of our lives (like it or not).
    Your picture is fabulous. I'm afraid I haven't aged as well as you.


    You look marvelous! Not 214 or 213 days over (or under) 5 or 6 at all!


    I'm confused. I was wondering. . . what is Angelina Jolie doing on Norma's blog???


    I thought the original was just fine. :D Have fun!


    Huh. I haven't looked at that blogiversary widgie in a while, but I have been very aware of the 6-year mark that's looming (mine's in March, too, about two weeks later than yours). And, NO, I cannot believe it!


    While I greatly appreciate the fun you're having with photos... I love the original, you.


    My mother would have called this fishing for a compliment, Norma! Why is it all you good-looking girls can't appreciate your looks? I think you are prettier than AJ, REALLY. How's that? It's an honest compliment.


    You made me look and mine says 213 days too. Rats.

    Sexy Norma picture!


    AJ, stop hijacking Norma's blog! Seriously, I don't see anything to change in the original.

    Tressa in NC

    For some reason, I prefer the original photo. It seems so much more authentic and I'm into authenticity these days. However, Angelina gets "retouched" all the time, so why not Norma? Hmmm .


    With age comes the merciful(?) loss of acute vision - other than a bit more color in your second photo I can't tell the difference. ;D

    Happy Impending Blogiversary!

    Seanna Lea

    You look much better then (and now) than Angelina Jolie. I do not think your lips need to be that big!


    Nice pic, pretty lady! I used to use picnic allll the time! (I have photoshop now but miss the days with the simplicity and fun of picnic).

    Mary Fran

    I still haven't forgiven Angelina for breaking up Jennifer's marriage. I like you better.


    Don't see a thing wrong with the original.....

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    So you've gone Premium , eh? Nice! I'd like to think my half-way-out-the-door tutorial went to a very good student.


    Thanks for the tip about that widget. I rarely look at my blog, so I never would have known. Six years?! Damn, woman, you really are good.

    Btw, when you get a minute, could you please explain to me how you look younger than I do. Even though, I'm younger on paper. Skinny bitch.



    You look wonderful! Wish I looked that good when I was your age. Maybe I'm a late bloomer.

    I have the same problem with my pics. No matter what I do they never come out looking like the real me which is, funnily enough, exactly like Cindy Crawford.

    Happy 6th Blogiversary in advance and many, many more!


    That's an easy enough date to remember!
    It's your blogiversary, then you'll need a day rest from the party, and then there will be the international day of the women.
    Frauentag - as I've learned it years ago. you'll need another day rest after THIS party!

    elizabeth a airhart

    oh you must have been a beayutiful baby
    you must have been a beayutiful child
    cause baby look at you now

    and all that jazz


    I dunno, all I saw was lips and sex appeal, Angelina all the way baby...


    Great photos!


    Oh, god, NO! You don't want to look like Angelina. Blech. You are MUCH better looking than she! Honest Abe.

    Barbara M.

    Saturday's post disappeared (after I read it)..... have you been censored? And will I be on a watch list for having read it? This is so interesting......


    It's easy to see where Abigail gets it from, isn't it?


    I agree. It's BlogIversary. And my widget is kaput as well. Darn.


    Six years has gone by in the blink of an eye.

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