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    Friday, February 19, 2010


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    It's the same selvedge treatment as on the Corrugator because, you know, great minds think alike.

    Melissa in El Cajon

    Yay! Thank you, Norma. I will do EXACTLY what you describe. I want those lovely edges! I didn't make a red scarf this year, although I did donate to the project. I promise to make a scarf AND donate this year as a thank you!

    Melissa in El Cajon


    Just when I'm thinking that I only have one skein of red yarn in the house and maybe I should buy some more, the cosmos suggests a way that my scarves next year could look even better!


    Yes, yes it IS the same selvedge treatment as the Corrugator (ahem, Paula :^) and I love it, it's now my 'go to' for loads of projects.


    Cool pattern. I will start one after the Knitting Olympics, which is kicking my butt, as birthdays keep popping up that must be dealt with in two or three days. I should learn to think ahead.

    Mary Fran

    Copy. Paste. Print. Thank you!!


    Apropos of nothing but because I think it will appeal to your sense of humor:


    Thank you!



    You're a loose, aren't you? :p

    Jean E.

    Looks like a perfect red scarf pattern. I saw some beautiful cascade 220 heather yesterday; I might have to buy it.

    Linda M.

    thanks for 'splaining this... I couldn't figure out how to make it work for the purl boxes.


    Yes, Linda, I think that is where the biggest confusion was. For me too! I flubbed it up more times than you can imagine before I finally figured out how to make it work.

    elizabeth a  airhart

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