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    Saturday, January 23, 2010


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    Mmmmm, looks yummy!
    I like stirring an egg with crumbled tofu, cooking it in a skillet sort of like a pancake and topping it with whatever veggies on hand, and salsa. Good protein and it 'lasts'(as in keeps me going and not hungry) for several hours.
    YAY for Blue Skies!



    (Your egg scared me, but I hope it made you happy.)


    I used to make pumpkin yogurt. Add canned pumpkin to plain or vanilla yogurt and season with the same spices you would use for pumpkin pie. It was yummy!

    Seanna Lea

    I like vegetables, but I don't like eggs that often. There are a lot fewer breakfast options if you don't like eggs (I'm vegetarian to boot). One thing that I used to make (not SB friendly) was something called breakfast cake. It has grated potatoes and carrots and possibly zucchini in it. Very moist!


    My favorite w/e breakfast is a frittata made with sauteed sliced zucchini and shallots... some crispy bacon and you're half way to Heaven.

    the greenhorn knitter

    Hey, this looks tasty!


    Yet again I wish I wasn't allergic to egg yolk. I struggle so with breakfast and yours looks so good.


    I can barely choke down a egg with toast, unfortunately, as I was thinking about this diet... and I'm awfully fond of sweetened tea so I think my willpower would fail me over this point. I have very few vices but this is one of them. Could I just eat the bacon and greens?


    I can finally eat vegies after almost two months and I'm loving your idea of asparagus and eggs. I want mine on a bed of crisp hash browns with some hollandaise and crumbled crisp pancetta on top.

    Elizabeth in Brookfield

    I don't mind fixing an egg every morning but when I'm running late or have to be in early it's a problem. Your quiche hint reminds me that if I make a quiche over the weekend I can eat it for breakfast after it makes a quick dash through the microwave.

    Cheryl S.

    I love eggs, so I usually have either eggs or yogurt for breakfast.

    You have blue sky? Bitch. ;-)


    I love veggie stuffed omelets. This AM I had one with leftover mushrooms and spinach. Mmmm, mmm, mmm!


    Getting ready to hide after making this comment but uhm... tomatoes.... not a vegetable... they are a fruit! ROTFL

    And I hate them unless they are from a can, they smell delicious, they make my mouth water, but put them in my mouth in raw state or partially cooked and SHUDDER....

    elizabeth a airhart

    and was your hill alive with the sound of music good night

    Jean E.

    Looks really good! Is that freshly ground pepper?


    Once you get past the "induction" phase and can have more carbs, it's a little easier. There's no reason you can't have a breakfast wrap, or even sandwich, if you work it right. I don't like to eat breakfast most days, but I find if I stop thinking "breakfast food" my tummy is more amenable to the idea of any food at all. It works with the SB diet too.

    Not that I'm going to be eating a breakfast salad anytime soon.

    Lindy in Australia

    What the hell is "turkey bacon"? Cross between a turkey and a pig? Would that be a Turpig? A Purkey? You must have some weird animals in the States.PMSL


    All of those things sound wonderful for brunch, after I've been up for several hours. But for real breakfast, like before work, it's all I can do to handle yogurt or maybe (maybe!) oatmeal. However, that idea of pumpkin yogurt might work...


    We had sunshine over here in Cloud Central, too! It had been so long that I was a little afraid I'd go all vampire-crispy-critter when I stepped out in it...


    You've convinced me! I'm going to B&N today to pick up my copy of South Beach!


    I made an omelet this morning with a ratatouille filling (leftover from a dinner this week). YUM!


    OMG! My mother tells horror stories of being made to eat creamed codfish on toast when she was a child. *shudder!*


    WW has a version of Hollandaise that's actually pretty darned good and very low-cal (1 point for those who have done WW). I can send you the recipe if you'd like and you can see if it'll work with the SB diet

    Cathy R

    You can approximate/replace hash browns by using chopped/diced zucchini and yellow squash (and onion), and then brown them up in a little oil (non -stick pan works to reduce the oil). Use a medium-high temperature and don't cover the pan or it gets soggy.

    The original recipe I read said to peel the squash so that it "looks more like hash browns" but I don't bother.

    I like mine with some diced ham added. YUM!!

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