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    Sunday, January 24, 2010


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    I love Mr Jefferies' Minion! Armless and all. I can picture him dragging it around by one leg and giving it a good shake from time to time. A video would be great-coughhinthintcough. Aunt Cookie is the best.


    Heeeee! Mr.J's Minion, SO freakin' cute, you'll let us know if he names it, right? Auntie Cookie is da bomb!
    Twit? You're a Twit now? ;^) Way to go!
    Sorry to hear about cold #2 and hey, it wasn't that long ago you were cranking out the knitting and then the arm acted all insulted, not wanting to play, opting for a time out and it's completely understandable you'd save it for Work. ramblerambleramble xox


    Cute little Minion! Cold and sore arm, not so much fun. With that combo why not just twitter.


    Boredom and malaise are not completely bad. Personally, I occasionally like them.

    Susan B

    That is the cutest thing! Can't wait for the video!

    I attempted to follow you on Twitter but Twitter said there was no such person as nownorma.

    - Toledonative


    I like that the Minion has a helmet.

    (And I'm following you on Twitter now.)


    I refuse to Twitter. Or Tweet. I have plenty to do without adding birdcalls to the mix... 8)
    Aunt Cookie's minion is perfect! Mr J will have a blast.


    Hm. I have a Twitter account, but I am rather clueless and don't tweet much. I am a little confused about HOW to use Twitter effectively and wish someone would show me. (I do not want to "read the manual.")


    Cookie is sharing her minions! How cool is that!

    Sorry to hear about the cold and the bum arm. Get better soon!

    Mary K. in Rockport

    Your last sentence made me really laugh. Laughing is good in this politically chagrining time - thanks.


    Love the minion. Sorry about your arm. Rest up. Re: Twitter, I don't know...I'm just not that into embracing my inner twit.


    Ha! Gotcha!


    ...but Twitter tells me "We couldn't find anyone named nownorma."

    Stupid Twitter...


    Still reading, still enjoying, thanks Norma. Hope the diet is going well and the malaise passes quickly.


    Welcome to Twitter, Norma. It'll be fun--you just have to follow the right people (which, if you start with people who read your blog, will be easy.)


    Sorry you are suffering malaise. I know it all too well, especially in January. Here's hoping we can kick malaise's gray, angsty ass to the curb soon!


    You can follow me as hiredhands on Twitter if you want to. Or not.

    elizabeth a airhart

    twitter twitter little star
    how i wonder what you are


    Oh my gosh! I'm the interviewer...Look what I started. And I don't even tweet myself.


    I hope you feel better soon, The Norma, and I really hope the Mr. J enjoys his new friend. I wish I could have put tassels on the ends of the ear flaps of the hat, but I thought that might end badly. o.0


    Mary Fran

    I couldn't find you, either. I'm cohmomto3 if you want to follow me. I don't tweet nearly as much as I update my status on FB. I'm not nearly as witty there, either.


    Not a Twitter here, but I will say how much I love Mr J. new toy!!

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